Presdient awards Purple Heart to Defence Chief

Chief of Defence Force Major General Moosa Ali Jaleel received the Purple Heart and Long Service medal from President Mohamed Nasheed during a special ceremony at the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) headquarters.

Jaleel was wounded during the failed coup attempt in 1988 while defending the country from a group of mercenaries linked to a Sri Lankan terrorist group.

The Long Service Medal was awarded in recognition of his 30 years of service to the Maldives military.

After the ceremony, President Nasheed praised the service of Major General Jaleel and noted his efforts to modernise and strengthen the armed forces.

The way in which the Maldives military was carrying out its duties free from political influence, despite major transformations in the political system, “was exemplary not only to Maldivians but also to any country undergoing similar transformations,” Nasheed said.


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  1. No such thing as the Purple Heart in military decorations in Maldives. It maybe the equivalent of the US Purple Heart. Pls get ur facts and translations right!


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