Ultimate goal of education to create the “perfect citizen”: President

The ultimate goal of an education policy is to make “a perfect citizen”, said President Mohamed Nasheed, speaking at the third anniversary of Hulhumale’s Ghaazee School yesterday.

Students, he said, needed to “be guided by Islam and the values of the country”, as well as earn a good income, be self sufficient, contribute to the development of the Maldives and work to build a healthy family.

Thus it was important to increase not only the number of passing grades, but ensure students actively participated in extra curricular activities, such as sports, literary and other social activities, he said.

The President inaugurated the school’s ‘smart room’, equipped with electronic teaching facilities, and distributed certificates.


One thought on “Ultimate goal of education to create the “perfect citizen”: President”

  1. perfect citizen who conforms and does not think and swallows the crap established authorities such as politics, religion, and banks tell you.


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