President received Indian and Danish dignitaries

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan was visited yesterday by both the Danish Ambassador to the Maldives, Freddy Svane, and the General Officer Commanding in Chief of Southern Army Command of India, Lieutenant General A K Singh.

The President’s Office website reported that Waheed had discussed human rights, the rule of law, the environment and democracy during his meeting with the Danish ambassador.

Both local media and the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) stated that the Danish Ambassador was scheduled to meet former President Mohamed Nasheed on his southern trip yesterday before Nasheed was arrested and taken to Dhoonidhoo before today’s court hearing.

Former Minister of Finance and Treasury Mohamed Shibab confirmed that there was a meeting between the ambassador and the party yesterday evening in Male’, although he could not reveal any specific details.

Lieutenant General AK Singh was said, by President’s Office spokesman Masood Imad, to have met with Waheed to explore those areas in need of assistance regarding security and disaster management.

Masood also said that some plans for exercises and training were to be carried out in collaboration with the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF).

MNDF Colonel Abdul Raheem said that the senior delegation from the Indian military will be travelling to the southern atolls, and will today visit Gan.

President Waheed underlined the importance of cooperation and sharing of resources in order to maintain security in the region.