President requests Maldivians to be vigilant of foreign forces plotting to weaken the Islamic faith

In his message to the nation on the occasion of the Maldives’ conversion to Islam, President Abdullah Yameen has warned Maldivian citizens about foreign influences working to weaken the nation’s Islamic faith.

“We should also be very vigilant of foreign influences attempting to weaken our religious faith. And I call on the beloved citizens of the Maldives be very aware of attempts by various parties to disrupt the religious unity among the people of Maldives, and never give any opportunity for such activity,” Yameen said in his statement.

The president said that the unity and brotherhood among Maldivian people is the result of building the ‘Dhivehi Ummah’ upon the stable foundations of Islam.

Yameen also requested parents and teachers to sustain a religious spirit in the hearts of children and to discipline them within the Islamic limits in order to build a well-disciplined generation.

The ‘Maldives conversion to Islam day’ marked on the first of Rabi’al Akhir every Hijri year is a public holiday. Marking the day on the date began in the year 2000 under Yameen’s bother President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s rule. Maldives converted to Islam following the monarch’s conversion in approximately 1153 AD.


4 thoughts on “President requests Maldivians to be vigilant of foreign forces plotting to weaken the Islamic faith”

  1. Oh hey, there's a strip/nightclub just newly opened in Mal'e. Wanna go see?

  2. Maldivians are doing a fine job destroying the values of Islam without any assistance from foreign influence.

    Only weak and corrupt leaders play the religious card to secure their power over the population.

  3. Foreign parties? Don't blame the foreigners, as though they are the enemy.

    They are not. We live is a global world, where we depend on these foreigners for food. For education. For survival.

    We want it too. Within Maldives. Maldivians want it too.

  4. we need to be specific here. Nasheed is the man who is trying to eradicate the Islam in this country and he had given his promise to EU and other foreign countries too.

    He had already proven it by allowing Hillath to have the first such demonstration in this country .

    Nasheed agenda is along term agenda instead of doing it over night,

    We need to be vigilant and we need to more careful with Nasheed and his allies .


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