President takes breakfast trip to inaugurate Male’ bus service

President Mohamed Nasheed has this morning inaugurated the first of several bus services expected to operate around Male’ as passengers in the capital are invited to climb aboard free of charge during the next 24 hours.

Nasheed along with a number of local councillors and government officials were among the first people to use the service this morning, after departing from the Alimas Carnival area at 6am.

According to local newspaper Haveeru, the promotional trip stopped off at the the ‘Alibe Kada’ tea shop for a breakfast of Mashuni and Roshi before completing its round trip to the Alimas Carnival.

The buses, which will be operated by the MVK enterprise, will begin by operating a single route around Male’ before adding a second service to cover Majeedhee Magu and Ameenee Magu in the coming weeks, the report added.

From tomorrow onwards, passengers will be charged Rf5 for use of the service.


3 thoughts on “President takes breakfast trip to inaugurate Male’ bus service”

  1. Rf.5 seems bit expensive for a single trip. I think Rf.2 for a trip, 5 for a round trip or 10rf a whole day ticket. some fares like that will be great.

  2. @ Thinkist: I agree with you. Male' is not a very big city where the bus has to run for miles. The fares do not match with the route distance which the bus is covering. I believe they should be lower than Rf.5. The people can also then afford it better, specially in this time of economic crisis and high cost of living.


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