President teaches economics at Dharumavantha School

President Mohamed Nasheed presented a lecture on the government’s financial reforms to economic students at Dharumavantha School.

The President explained the need to make state revenue sustainable with the government’s new tax regime, and how the introduction of a goods and services tax, business profit tax and income tax would benefit the economy.

A video series of the lesson are available on the President’s Office website.


3 thoughts on “President teaches economics at Dharumavantha School”

  1. Video Links


    Thoroughly enjoyed watching the lecture!

  2. Thanks for the link MN-

    Didn't watch it yet, so unsure whether you were being sarcastic...

    Anyways, this is a good initiative. Another good thing would be Civics as a compulsory subject for students grade 7 and above. By the time they are voters, they will be aware of the functioning of the govt, and their rights and responsibility in good governance.

  3. Dear JJ,

    Is it possible for this article to be updated and upgraded out of News in Brief section with the Youtube videos attached to it?

    This lecture by the president delivers an important message to the public at this critical juncture in the Maldives economic reforms.



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