Dr. Bari requests Parliament to forbid all Israeli ties

Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr. Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari has requested the parliament to endorse a resolution forbidding the government to establish ties with Israel.

The Islamic Minister made his request during discussions with the parliament’s national security committee, which is currently debating whether to permit Israeli airlines to land in Maldives.

Expressing his views on the issue, Dr. Bari told the MPs he “personally does not support the Israel airline to operate in the Maldives”.

Speaking to Minivan News, Dr. Bari said that he made the request because he believes “Israel has committed several human rights violations”.

Dr. Bari noted that Maldives should not stand with Israel as it commits atrocities against the Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine.

“Maldives cut off ties with Libyan President Muammar Gadaffi’s government when he was killing, violating fundamental rights of his people. Similarly, Maldives should follow the same standard by isolating Israel for the atrocities committed against Muslims,” Dr.Bari said.

He also alleged that Israel is attempting to “gain sympathy” because the country is geographically isolated from non-Muslim countries.

Israel’s relationship with Palestine has raised concern in the Maldives, however the government has tried to maintain diplomatic relations.

Adhaalath Party chief spokesperson and former State Islamic Minister Sheik Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed said “we are afraid that the security level in the Maldives is too low.” He noted that the Indian army was asked to intervene during a 1983 coup attempt by Sri Lankan terrorist groups.

Shaheem said allowing Israelis into the country would raise the threat level to themselves as well as to Maldivians.

“I don’t want to bring harm to Israelis or Maldivians. There are terrorist groups in other countries, like Afghanistan, and these people might come to the Maldives when they see the security level is weak in order to attack locals or the Israelis,” he explained.

The Transport Ministry granted a license to Israeli flag carrier El Al to begin operations to Maldives in September, following a formal application to the Ministry of Civil Aviation to begin flying to the Maldives starting in December.

Shortly after the license was granted, Adhaalath party severed its coalition agreement with the government. The party subsequently requested that the airline license be reviewed by the National Security Committee (NSC).

NSC has been holding discussions on the topic since last week.

“The committee deals with facts, not rumors,” said NSC President Ali Waheed. “As of now, there is no such thing as the Maldivian government giving permission to an Israeli airline.”

NSC today consulted Transport Ministry officials, and will tomorrow meet with the Fisheries Minister over allegations that the government leased land to an Israeli party. Cabinet ministers, Adhaalath Party Vice President Dr Mauroof Hussein and Chief of Defence Force Major General Moosa Ali Jaleel have also been consulted.

NSC President Ali Waheed said Dr. Bari’s concerns were duly heard by the committee, and will be discussed tomorrow.

Although Parliament is due for recess after December 31, Waheed was unable to say when the committee’s investigation would conclude. “I will make the contacts and be available for the discussions as long as the committee requests it. I will put in my time,” he said.

According to opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Ahmed Mahlouf, all opposition parties and religious NGOs agree that permission should not be given to Israeli airlines.

Mahlouf said the main concern was the threat of direct flights to national security.

“Being a small Muslim country, it is unacceptable for us to see Israelis attacking Muslims in Palestine and then allow them to fly to our country. This is why the former government did not allow Israeli flights, or even flights that transferred in Israel, to come to Maldives,” he said.

He point out that Maldives is not the only country to refuse direct flights from Israel, and suggested that the government was transferring the blame of the decision to the Parliament.

“The government can say ‘no.’ I know they think we need the money from tourism, but we are already doing well without these direct flights,” he said.

Mahlouf agreed with Shaheem’s concern that direct flights would open the door for terrorists in neighboring countries to begin operations in the Maldives. However, he disagreed with Dr. Bari’s request that diplomatic relations be cut off.

MDP MPs had not responded to phone calls at time of press.


27 thoughts on “Dr. Bari requests Parliament to forbid all Israeli ties”

  1. What is wrong with this Mullah, he is in liquors and pork selling business. Can he deceive god.

  2. ha ha. Anni was ok to sleep with these extremist fellows for the last 3 years. Now when their party quit Anni sees them as extremists and becomes the custodian of 'medhuminu islam'. These people were nurtured by him and supported by state resources when he created a ministry for them.

  3. Anni is brilliant. It's Dr Bari, who should raise to majlis,
    1) stop elal flights.
    2) stop massage parlours.
    3) stop liquor
    4) stop nudity
    5) remove summit and ban further presents
    6) stop tourism
    7) enforce stoning to death
    8) enforce beheading
    9) allow marriage at 9y

    Ultimately, it will be the resort owners who would shoot their own feet, when they refuse.

  4. Nowhere in quran, the country is differentiated between inhabited islands and nation.

    Hence, ban must apply to the. Nation as a whole.

    Why should we allow resorts to sell alcohol, pork? It is still Maldives.

    I say. Do as requested. NO TOURISM in Maldives!

  5. I hate the state of Israel and all that it represents and the inhumane repression of Palestinians and denying them basic human rights guaranteed by all UN charters as well its hypocrisy against the state of Iran regarding nuclear weapons i also believe Israel is the biggest threat to world peace in our lifetime and might even lead to new world war...but i hate Dr.Baari and his hypocrisy more than i hate the state of Israel.

  6. @my fellow kaafir freinds..

    I think we lost the war with Muslims this time big time, thanks to our kandukos friend Hillath. Anni is our patron saint and even his excellency cannot stomach how the silly Amnesty guys gave this prisoner of conscience award to Hillath. So my advice for you guys is to calm down. We need to live in this country ultimately irrespective of our beliefs. So lets stop insulting Muslims now and start behaving like real humans? what do you think folks?

  7. Opposing Isreal would be the same as opposing the apartheid era South Africa, what is happening their is somewhat similar. And keeping diplomatic ties to the limit where only discourse of a peace solution to the Palestinian conflict would not be seen as a extremist move. It should not go further where one advocates that Israel be wiped out. Its not only Muslim nations that has minimal diplomatic ties to Israel. Anni's government should play it safe and take the humanitarian route in this case.

  8. Why Mullahs are not the one who initiate something positive. How nice it would have been, have they come up with proposal to government to allow Israeli airline if it helps the economy which ultimately will be for the benefit of their beloved people. How nice it will be to show the world, the Mullahs of Maldives are so different and intelligent unlike Mullah Umar type. Mullahs can still keep the reservations on Israeli policy on Palestine issue and treat Israel as a nation and people of Israeli is no different than we Maldivian. May be it will soften the Israeli leadership and sympathize with Palestinians by the examples set by fellow Muslims on the small corner of the world. Mullahs, please be brave and make bold decision that can change the world.

  9. I blame Anni for this whole mess. He should kick this idiot Bari out of the government.
    Anni tells us that this is a democratic government. This is not a democracy. This is a comedy. How can a Cabinet Minister go to the Majlis or even to the Press complaining about what the Government is doing? In a democracy whatever the cabinet decides on a majority carries the day. Even if Bari objects to what they decide he has to accept it. If he does not want to accept it then he should resign his position and join the other idiots who are screaming and protesting.

    All these protesting and sharia law and executions and chopping of the hands etc would destroy our country. The economy would nose dive and then what happens?

    We have been Muslims all these decades without any of these stuff and we have survived and we would survive without these stuff too.
    It is time for Maldivians to reclaim Maldives from these pseudo Arabs. We are not Arabs and we are Maldivians.

  10. some retard is posting in my name... note that he wrote the name with a single "a". i use double 'a's.

    so we know how civilzed these wahhabis really are? right?

    and minivannews, please consider using facebook connect or something. the other day "tsk tsk" also had the same problem.

  11. i cant believe i am saying this, but i am with baaree and the wahhabis when they say Israel is guilty of these atrocities and when they say we should NOT have a normal relationship with them. but i also hear the President's argument that we should give peace a chance and mediate while having normal relations with both Palestine and Israel. also this is clearly a HUMANITARIAN, HUMAN RIGHTS and POLITICAL issue. Palestine is not only a nation of muslims. their state belongs to all Palestinians regardless of their religious beliefs.

    And Shaheem, terrorists from other countries? seriously? like you dont know about the terrorist cells here in Dhivehistan. u knw it, they know it, we all know it!

    And since we are making this a religious issue, i just want to not that Dr.Majeed was asked about Alcohol Sale in tourist resorts (in the Majlis) and his answer was that it was haraam, BUT if the MAJLIS choose to sell it any way, they should separate that money and use it for social services. SUCH is the hypocrisy of the wahhabi mullahs in this country. NO protests, NO petitions, NO special requests, NO fatwas, NO demands. Selling Alcohol or anything else that is "dangerous" and "irreligious" otherwise becomes OKAY when it is done in tourist resorts. You can either HAVE taliban state here, or you DONT. We will not allow you to have us obey taliban law and you guys have a different set of laws. nope. we go down taliban road, you come with us.

  12. Extremist Mariya Ahmed Didi who wanted to play around with Prince Andrew with her charms! Nice seducer!! Next time send your daughter if u have one!!

  13. Israel bashing is not the best thing to do in the Maldives. We should be open to all the countries including Israel. Israeli airlines flies to Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Jordan and Turkey. All Muslim countries. We should follow them. Dr. Bari is wrong.

  14. Well, Dr Bari is right in one sense. Israel has ignored countless UN resolutions relating to their annexation of Palestinian lands. They continue to grab land daily with total disregard to international law. The Maldives cannot claim a moral higher ground by growing closer ties with Israel whilst they openly flout international law!

    On the other hand, it's not external terrorist groups that we should be fearful of! We already have terrorists here donning on the hats of PPM or Adhaalath who are very capable of during irreparable damage to the country!

  15. Speaking as a non-Maldivian, I think that a benefit of improved connections with Israel would be the opportunity to learn about the reality of, a country in which Muslims have greater freedom and political rights than in any Muslim country. Far from being an apartheid state, Israel has a large Muslim population and many mosques, and polls show that the great majority of Israeli Arabs prefer living in Israel to living in any other country in the world. In Israel, there are Arab members of parliament, judges, high-ranking military officers, diplomats, and university professors. This contrasts with the true apartheid states, such as Jordan, created out of 2/3 of "Palestine", which expelled its Jewish population and since then has forbidden any Jews to live there, Saudi Arabia, or your own country, which requires citizens to be Muslim and does not permit non-Muslims to become citizens.

  16. Close all Spas but not mine. Stop selling alcohol and pork except in my resort. But what is this moderate Islam? I don't know. May be it is the Laura!

  17. Ya Allah please save & protect our economy from Mulla terrorists, Ya Allah please save & protect our daily needs which we import from non muslim countries. ya Allah please send the Shaheem,Bari,Imraan Yameen and Qasim to the Hell, so that huge amount of people gonna live smoothly.

  18. Is this the only country in the world having problem with Israel. Why cant we accept them as friends, If we can be friends with them, we have much better chance to help our Palestinian brothers. Israel has fared much better both economically and militarily than to its neighbours despite having no ties with them. They have a loyal friend in UN Security Council, so they dont need to fear anybody. Do they need us? No we need them more than they need us caz we need to find a way to help Palestinian people. There are people in Israel who love peace and want to help Palestinian people. So we should not listen extremists and we should ban people traveling to Pakistan. Pakistan is a hub for extremists. Sheikh Imran and his followers can go to Pakistan, i am sure they will receive a warm welcome. Please let us live peacefully like we did in the past.

  19. Busy Killing the Palestine muslims and israel sending its killers to Maldives for Relaxation.Hmmmmmmmmmm not a bad thinking....

  20. Myself, yes, they do. They have the right to vote, the right to stand for public office, freedom to write and say whatever they like, freedom to practice Islam, etc. What freedoms do you think that Arabs in Israel lack


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