President Waheed appoints interim utility companies and health services corporations boards

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has dismissed all board members of the seven regional utilities companies and health services corporations, and appointed two seven-member interim boards to oversee all seven utilities and health services companies respectively, the President’s Office has said.

The dismissal was to streamline the companies’ work, said the President Office, and the interim board will revise, strengthen and re-formulate the operating procedures for the companies.

The interim board of the utilities companies consists of: Ibrahim Athif Shakoor (M. Aasthana, Malé), Mohamed Ahmed Didi (M. Honey Dew, Malé), Dr. Abdulla Firaq (Fiyathoshige, Haa Alif Thakandhoo), Mohamed Faiz (Ma. Havana, Malé), Abdul Matheen Mohamed (Naares, Raa Hulhudhuffaru), Shimad Ibrahim (Dhilshaadhuge, Gaaf Alif Dhevvadhoo), and Mohamed Nimal (M. Kokahandhuvaru, Malé).

The interim board of the health services corporations consist of: Ibrahim Mohamed (M. Muleege, Malé), Mohamed Iyad Hameed (M. Moodhoo, Malé), Mohamed Ibrahim Manik (Medhuge, Thaa Guraidhoo), Dr. Abdulla Afeef (Hudhuvilaage, Seenu Meedhoo), Aminath Rasheedha Aboobakr (H. Thiyara, Malé), Ali Shareef Mohamed (Tulipmaage, Haa Alif Hoarafushi), and Hussein Fahmy (M. Fathaha, Malé).

President Waheed also reappointed the Veshi Fahi Malé Programme’s steering committee in February.