President Waheed commences Haddhummathi Atoll visit

President Dr Mohamed Waheed has today commenced a visit to the islands of Dhanbidhoo and Kunahandhoo in Haddhummathi Atoll.

According to the President’s Office website, harbour projects for the two islands will officially be inaugurated by Dr Waheed during his visit.

Last Thursday (April 11), the president commenced a tour of North Maalhosmadulu Atoll in order to review the progress of island developments in the area.  The visits come ahead of presidential elections scheduled for September this year.

However, President Waheed’s electioneering has come under strong criticism from the government-aligned Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) MPs in parliament this week.

MP Ali Arif accused the president of discontinuing public services and development projects, while using state funds to finance his election campaign, during a parliamentary session on Monday (April 15).


One thought on “President Waheed commences Haddhummathi Atoll visit”

  1. Last week end it was Maalhosmadulu.
    This week it is Hadhdhunmathi.
    Next week is yet unknown, but for sure.
    This is not campaigning on people's money after having dumped the universal health care system put in place by a loyal president!
    Police will back him just as they are doing to Maleesha Hajj group leader, Ismail Abdul Latheef who is not worried at all!
    Heeves nuvey!


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