Gayoom calls for a probe into parliamentary committee rejection of nephew for PG

Former president and ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has called for a probe into a parliamentary committee’s rejection of his nephew for the post of Prosecutor General.

Maumoon Hameed failed to garner the required 75 points to obtain committee recommendation. The previous People’s Majlis had also rejected Hameed for the post in April.

The People’s Majlis independent institutions oversight committee – in which the PPM holds a majority – gave Hameed 33 percent and President Abdulla Yameen’s second nominee and Criminal Court Judge Muhuthaz Muhusin 67 percent.

In a letter to PPM parliamentary group leader Ahmed Nihan, Gayoom said chair of the committee PPM MP Ali Saleem had acted against the wishes of Yameen and must be held accountable for his actions.

Gayoom said he had received reports Saleem’s had not followed due process in the vetting process.

Candidates were summoned for interviews without a committee vote and the vetting criteria were not approved by the committee, said Gayoom.

Further, there were reports mark sheets were not tallied in the presence of MPs, he said.

Saleem had also failed to respond to opposition MP Rozaina Adam’s question over Muhsin’s eligibility.

Gayoom said judges could not stand for the position as per Article 151 of the constitution. Muhuthaz would lose his judgeship following his application to the post of Prosecutor General, he added.

“I do not believe that any person can take up the post of Prosecutor General while he is serving as a judge,” Gayoom said, referring to “a legal norm” whereby a former judge could only represent a client as a lawyer only after two years pass after resignation.

“Hence, please investigate this issue thoroughly and present a report to me before this matter is forwarded to the Majlis floor,” Gayoom said.

The Judicial Services Commission (JSC) has since said judges are allowed to apply for positions in the state’s independent institutions.

The independent institutions oversight committee interviewed candidates on Thursday, July 10, and decided against recommending either candidate on Monday, July 14.

Marks were reportedly awarded following evaluation of their academic qualifications, experience, competency, management skills, leadership qualities, achievements and integrity.

The committee is comprised of five PPM members, one Maldivian Development Alliance (MDA) MP, three opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) members and two Jumhooree Party (JP) members.

PPM Parliamentary Group leader Ahmed Nihan was not responding to calls at the time of press.

The PG’s post has been vacant since November following the resignation of Ahmed Muizz ahead of a scheduled no-confidence motion in parliament.

Moreover, Acting PG Hussein Shameem’s resignation in early May brought the criminal justice system to a halt after state prosecutors went on strike, citing concerns of a lack of accountability in the absence of a PG.

However, the Supreme Court ordered prosecutors to resume work “without any further excuse” and ordered the seniormost official at the PG office to assume the PG’s responsibilities.

President Yameen meanwhile refused to submit a new nominee to the 17th Majlis during the crisis and opened up a third call for applicants, announcing his intention to nominate Hameed – son of former Atolls Minister Abdulla Hameed – for a second time to the newly elected 18th People’s Majlis.


10 thoughts on “Gayoom calls for a probe into parliamentary committee rejection of nephew for PG”

  1. Interesting!!!

    They wouldn't say it out loud, but the facts that he has got your name, and that he is your nephew are ample reasons for rejection.

    The numbers don't mean anything.

  2. So, what's the point of Majlis interviewing anyone or awarding marks? Why not ask Gayyoom to appoint people to all of these posts just like the golden years?

    Gayyoom is trying to teach us all a lesson here. Never mind democracy; never mind separation of powers; Gayyoom and his family can still rule just like the old days. That's what he's trying to show and he's nearly achieved that:

    (1) Gayyoom runs the Executive.
    (2) Gayyoom's boys are running the legislature.
    (3) Gayyoom firmly controls the judiciary.

    All that's needed is Gayyoom to hand pick individuals for the "independent" institutions. Last time it was 30 years. This time around, the old boy is going to show us all that there will be no limit.

  3. where is the criteria whereby the President selects names?? both times that the PG position was publicly opened for applicants, five persons applied. President vets the names and sends his preferred candidate(s) to the Parliament along with names of all those who applied.. why doesnt the majlis committee say anything about the candidates that the president did not select? surely the rejected names are being to majlis for grounds to review, even if a vote is not taken on those... also sending the same name to the majlis for the same position, just a few months after bring rejected just because u control the new majlis is spitting on spirit of democracy.. previous president asking mps to submit a personal report on the issue to him rather than to the current president is just ridiculous.. this is the position of the prosecutor general for gods sake!!! are we also supposed to question the same committees decisions regarding the deputy governer of MMA, the Information Commissioner and the police integrity commission member? after it was the same committee, the same meeting.. were procedures followed then?? why no special report on those??

  4. Gayyoom, was beamed to this planet to rule Maldives and conduct a Saudi style government where no other family can be apart of the ruling body.
    Gayyoom and his family/children feel that they are the soulful owners and will do what ever it take to hold this position

  5. Is there anyone in the present Maldives government who is not linked in some way to the former dictator?.....friend, neighbour, brother, nephew, niece, cousin, concubine, mistress, driver, cook?
    Can we now look forward to the next senior government post going to the former dictator's masseur?.....go on, make him Health Minister.

  6. I strongly condemn the direction of PPM and urge all Maldivians to think of the consequences of their vote.

  7. As instructed by de facto "Prime" Minister Adeeb, his hand picked nominee for the position of PG, Mr Muhuthaz will be appointed by PPM's MPs .

    For those who may have forgotten Muhuthaz sentenced MP Jabir to Jail as instructed by Adeeb.

  8. Hey Ms India, are you the wife of Indian High Commissioner in Maldives?


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