President Waheed inaugurates new Dhiraagu HQ

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan yesterday opened the new head office of local telecommunications group Dhiraagu in Male’, a construction the company claims is the first its kind in the capital to be built to meet specific technical requirements.

President Waheed spoke at a special opening ceremony, playing up the importance of the country’s communications sector to wider development in the Maldives.  He attended the ceremony alongside dignitaries including Minister of Economic Development Ahmed Mohamed.

Dhiraagu itself is one of the country’s largest service providers, dominating the internet and telecommunications sector alongside its main competitor, Wataniya.

According to the company, its new headquarters has been designed to comply with international safety standards, whilst also providing accessibility to wheelchair users and incorporating what it has called advanced energy saving and environmental friendly technologies.

These technologies include the use of 100 percent LED lights across the building, motion sensors, heat reflective glass and ozone friendly refrigerant within the office’s air conditioning units.

On the outside of the structure, Dhiraagu claims that a silver colour PVDF cladding has also been used over a highly reflective glass surface that serves to further reduce heat entry into the building.

Set up back in 1988, the company has said it presently employs over 600 staff across the Maldives, 99 percent of whom are said to be local workers. Dhiraagu’s leading shareholder is presently Cable and Wireless Communications (CWC).

CWC took a controlling stake in Dhiraagu in 2009 when former President Nasheed’s government sold 7 percent of its shares, giving the British-based firm a controlling stake in the company.

Then-opposition parties criticised the sale in local media, arguing that the acquisition of large stakes of domestic companies by foreign investors was bad for the country.

Similar arguments have been levelled against the development of Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA) by Indian company GMR, sparking fears that foreign firms will be deterred from investing in the Maldives.

CWC now controls 52 percent of Dhiraagu’s shares,with the government holding just under 42 percent as of March this year.


5 thoughts on “President Waheed inaugurates new Dhiraagu HQ”

  1. As a Maldivian we should be proud to have such magnificent assets in country. Foreign ownership does not necessarily reflect as a deterrent to the nations development though arguments are brought up along those lines. Dhiraagu PLC is a true testament to this. It's all about adhering to proper corporate governance set by local CMDA, showcasing of true accounts to the public and most importantly having a good management giving the right returns to the shareholders. C&W did not build such a high rise building in the UK but rather its here for the Maldivians and its us who now own shares of the most profitable company in the Maldives. We all should grow up and accept the rules of this globalized era instead of being stuck in the stone age with members of the so called parliament members.

  2. Agreed with Mohamed. the GMR saga and now Diraagu PLC to be pushed into the agenda of politics. It's a time for all to say welldone to the management of Dhiraagu for setting such a high standard to the rest of the companies/foreign investors included. If GMR gives us a Heathrow Airport, Narita International Airport whats there to bag about? Dhiraagu has given a magnificent asset to Maldivians and lets be proud of such companies contributing to the infrastructural development of this little nation.

  3. I am glad Dhiraagu did not give Maldivians another Huravee or a Gaazee building but rather its the modern state of art.. sweet! i wanna be a Dhiraagu'ian too!

  4. @mohamed @aisha

    Take your heads out of your asses. If not for Cable and Wireless of UK, u'll still be using tin cans for telephones.

    Feeble minded Maldiveians do not remember paying 5000, 8000 15000, Ruffiyaa for Dhiraagu phone bills for most of their adult life.

    lol magnifiicent asset built by indonesian labor and foreign company.

  5. @Barbarian as your name suggest you still belong to barbaric times lol. Unable to comprehend a decent comment. C&W & Dhiraagu being a successful company is the whole point. Plus the companies giving enough to the local community. in the articles they said, Aliya is the local contractor a local company, Gedo the local consultant, all locals getting job opportunities. furthermore, 99% maldivians working for the company and such a well constructed modern building.. aren't you proud to get such a place here in the Maldives.. you talk as any other illiterate person just look at the big picture.. my god


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