President Waheed praises police, urges public cooperation

President Waheed Hassan Manik praised the virtues of the police service and urged public cooperation and support to ensure national stability, during the police force’s 80th anniversary celebrations held March 29.

Waheed called for public cooperation with police to ensure presidential “polls can be made fair and peaceful”, according to local media.

Waheed also urged Maldivians to give the police the “necessary respect and honour” and allow them to do their duties.

“It is therefore extremely regrettable that a few in the society have been trying to defame the Police, making baseless allegations, and call them traitors to the nation,” Waheed stated.

He congratulated the current police leadership, saying the police service was “very honourable” and a “necessary service” directly connected to the people that “works independently and with professionalism”.

“The previous year has not been an easy year either. However the police had bravely dealt with such situations,” Waheed said.

Waheed also stated he would not give “unlawful orders” to the police and said the government would “work to find more opportunities for the police”.