President’s Office dismisses Ibrahim Moosa Luthfee from advisory role

Ibrahim ‘Sandhaanu’ Moosa Luthfee has been dismissed from his advisory role at the President’s Office after he failed to attend for months after taking leave, the government confirmed.

President’s Office Media Secretary Masood Imad told Minivan News the decision had been taken to terminate Luthfee’s advisory role – stated in local media to be a salaried position with a monthly wage of MVR 32,000 (US$2075),  after he was found not to have returned to work for a significant period of time after taking leave.

Masood was unable to clarify if Luthfee had continued to receive wages during the period of leave, but expressed his personal belief that this would be unlikely.

“This is a bureaucratic issue and I think that it is normal to dismiss someone if they don’t come to work for four months or whatever,” he said. “In such a case, If I overstay my leave, I believe I would not be continued to be paid if I did not return to work. We haven’t been on top of this matter, but I’m sure payments would have been stopped through the bureaucratic system we have.”

According to Sun Online, Luthfee, who was previously sentenced to life in prison back in 2002 under the government of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, had resided in Switzerland before returning to the country in August of last year for a “holiday”.


4 thoughts on “President’s Office dismisses Ibrahim Moosa Luthfee from advisory role”

  1. Another one bites the dust. This Arab-wannabe is your typical homophobic Maldivian who has been brainwashed by the mullahs. Like any good mullah, he shows an outward appearance of faith while stealing from Dhivehistanis. Taqiyya may have worked on the kaafir Swiss government and that may be the reason he's still living off their infidel tax money.

    Note also the taqiyya attempts by Masood Imad. Dhivehistanis, listen and nod like the slaves you are.

  2. I've always wanted to host a manhunt in Switzerland. I hear their chocolates are especially delicious. A perfect side-snack to a headhunter on the trail of Lutfy.

  3. The tax payer is unable half the price of a tablet of PANADOL from the social security system that was implemented by President Nasheed!

    Yet this traitor government and it's bureaucracy is able to pay these useless advisers for months over without any feeling!

    In real terms, Waheed is licking us off for his campaign.


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