Police arrest 17 year-old boy in connection with Foakaidhoo abortion case

Police have arrested a 17 year-old boy and a man in connection with the discovery of a five month-old foetus on Foakaidhoo in Shaviyani Atoll.

a case where a 17 year-old girl gave birth to a 5 month fetus on the island of Foakaidhoo in Shaviyani Atoll, according to Fokaidhoo Island Council Secretariat.

A Fokaidhoo island council member told Minivan News the father of a 17 year-old girl had called the council to inform them his daughter’s pregnancy had been terminated and she had miscarried while at home, and requested police be called to investigate the matter.

“Police arrived at the scene at 1:47am, I was among the first to go there. The baby was inside a bucket,’’ the councillor said.

Photos of the five-month old foetus in the bucket were being circulated on Maldivian social media this morning, with the head blurred.

‘’An under-age boy was arrested in connection with the case after the girl told police that he was the father of the baby,’’ the councillor said. ‘’Another man [around] 27 years of age was arrested for allegedly giving abortion pills to the girl.’’

He said the mother and daughter were placed under police custody but were later released as the girl needed to see a gynecologist.

The councilor claimed nobody on the island had noticed the girl was pregnant.

Police Spokesperson Chief Inspector Hassan Haneef confirmed police were investigating a case involving a 17 year-old girl who gave birth on the island of Foakaidhoo, but did not give further information.


11 thoughts on “Police arrest 17 year-old boy in connection with Foakaidhoo abortion case”

  1. Dhivehistani women are like cattle. Bought, made to work, bred and then discarded for better ones. To try and escape from their reproductive bondage is a crime against Holy Allah. Hence, in Dhivehistani law, abortion is just as wrong as adultery. This girl will now be branded with two scarlet letters, one for each breast. Once the case goes to court, the semi-literate mullah will sentence her for a flogging, no doubt. The boy will deny everything, obviously, and will go scot-free.

  2. ISSUE - Police arrest a minor accused of being the father of an aborted fetus.

    Is this legal?
    Yes the police have the power to arrest anyone suspected of a crime for a maximum period of 24 hours after which he/she must be brought before a court of law for a decision on his possible remand under police custody or release from arrest.

    My opinion?
    As the boy is a minor this issue should be handled with the utmost tact. Also it would be nice if the authorities would at least condemn the distasteful habit of spreading pictures of aborted fetuses as if they were some sort of spectacle. The underage girl in this case deserves more respect. If society believes such sights are spectacles to shock and awe, at least those in positions of authority should call for higher moral standards.

  3. Its no surprise when the news comes from the 100% Muslim Maldives.

  4. "Police have arrested a 17 year-old boy and a man in connection with the discovery of a five month-old foetus on Foakaidhoo in Shaviyani Atoll."

    Can two males make children now?


  5. shut up your bloody mouth she is muslim, our own kind, do not put up the case on Christians or jews. Hey you wive and concubines you are a fool

  6. again ann, one thing, this time its the Maldivians who did this and not Christians or a jew. If it was a jew there would be a big uproar, if it was a Christian half of the uproar, if it was a foreigner a little, and if it is a Maldivian so silent, no one will ever accuse them. But put all the blame on to those foreigners. Its time to think critically and not theoretically. I don't know y you don't understand or cant distinguish between a local and a foreigner.

  7. The need for education on sexual education has never been more evident in maldives. we refuse to teach our children on sexual and reproductive health for fear that it will encourage them to be sexually active. but the harsh truth is maldivians have always been sexually active. solid education and awareness on the risks of having sex early in life and the dangers of STDs and STIs would perhaps result in more informed decisions and abstinence.. and lesser risks on health

  8. atleast you are wiser than most of those who have commented.


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