Private clinics increases charges

Haveeru has reported private health clinics in Male’ have increased consultation fee and other charges without the approval of the Health Ministry.

The charges were increased because doctors and other technical staff are being paid in US dollar and the rise in prices of medical consumables,” claimed some clinics according to Haveeru.

Meanwhile senior official at the Health Ministry Dr Ibrahim Yasir told the paper that the ministry has not allowed clinics to increase consultation fees and other charges, and that action could be taken against those clinics who increase the prices without the approval of the ministry.


2 thoughts on “Private clinics increases charges”

  1. The ministry has not allowed to increase?

    Thats a laugh.

    You dont have the authority to do anything. Idiots. Exactly what do you think you have the authority to do? Other than whimper.

    The Clinics have increased their prices. And you cannot do shit about it. Stupid Yasir.

  2. Dr Yasir, as usual, is trying to side step the responsibilities here.

    Let me ask you. Who has the authority to do anything about these soaring health prices? You think its education ministry? or may be Dharumavantha School?

    You dont have to say it, we know you guys are impotent.


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