Two ”high profile criminals” charged with assault

The Prosecutor General’s Office has today filed assault charges against two suspects arrested for conducting assault with a weapon and stabbing a person near Hulhumale’ ferry terminal.

The two persons charged Ahmed Shareef of Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll Rathafandhoo and Maadhih Mohamed of Laamu Atoll Gan. Both denied the charges in court today.

Shareef said he was arrested when he came out after having a coffee from a cafe’.

Madhih told the judge that he returned to Male’ after work from Hulhumale’ and saw unrest that was ongoing, and was pursued by a group after he attempted to run away and leave the area.

Madhih was arrested from the scene by police officers who attended the incident.

The judge ordered police to detain Madhih until the trial is over.

Both Madhih and Shareef were listed as ‘most dangerous’ criminals by police.