Pro-government MPs vote against debating JSC decision on Justice Ali Hameed

Pro-government MPs have voted against a motion without notice submitted by opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Imthiyaz Fahmy to debate the Judicial Service Commission’s (JSC) decision last week to clear Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed of misconduct over his alleged appearance in a series of sex tapes.

The early motion – which would have opened the floor to a one-hour debate – was defeated with 44 votes against and 18 in favour at the ongoing sitting of parliament.

Presenting the motion, MP Imthiyaz said the JSC decision was “a permanent stain” on the Maldivian judiciary and an obstacle to judicial reform.

Following the vote, Imthiyaz tweeted:

The presence of a disgraced judge on the Supreme Court bench – who most citizens believe has lost his integrity – threatens the independence of the apex court, adversely affects decisions of lower courts, and robs Maldivian citizens of their constitutionally guaranteed right to a free and fair trial, the party contended in a press statement this week.


2 thoughts on “Pro-government MPs vote against debating JSC decision on Justice Ali Hameed”

  1. This really is the failure of the Police, useless with their forensic and deductory skills.

    After all what else can you expect? Judiciary, Health, education, fisheries, police, are all coming from the same gene pool.

    A bloody ignorant idiot here, has gotten away with open sarcasm, faarting at the institutions. In the case of afrasheem murder, it's not the ingenious skill of a professional hit man at work that failed the case to lead to convictions, but the baby-police works that just cannot do what they should do!

    The one thing that they absolutely do demand and get, are the remunerations and benefits. Never mind the job description!

  2. Did the Police check records at the Cinnamon Grand hotel in Colombo? Did they check whether the Judge stayed there? Did they interview people who served that room. Many Maldivians know the phone numbers of the girls involved, as the pimps who fix them serve anyone interested. Did Police speak to them. Why hasn't Minivan expended some money to send investigative journalists to Colombo and dig up the story. No. Every body keeps referring to the video and forensics only.


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