Refrain from “emotional judgement” when casting presidential votes: JP Leader Gasim

Presidential hopeful and Jumhooree Party (JP) leader MP Gasim Ibrahim has requested Maldivians to “refrain from emotional judgment” when casting their votes in September’s presidential election, local media has reported.

Gasim said the “only way to bring about the change people want to see” is to reflect on past experiences and “refrain from making the same mistakes again” during a campaign event on Funadhoo Island in Shaviyani Atoll held Friday (April 12).

He was reported by Sun Online to have further emphasised that any president of the country needed to be able to understand the sentiments of the people and be willing to resolve their pains and troubles.

Gasim pledged the JP in government would seek to solidify decentralised governance and allow councils to have “all that they deserve”. He also said that women’s development committees will have influence in a JP government.

“Our men and women must go forth, in a spirit of working together. I would like to say that in our government, we will give as much cooperation as we possibly can, to the work of the women development committee,” Sun Online quoted Gasim as saying.


2 thoughts on “Refrain from “emotional judgement” when casting presidential votes: JP Leader Gasim”

  1. Gasim could have done better to strengthen his campaign.
    But it seems that the truth is coming out from the horse's mouth.

    The way to bring about change that people want to see should be based on past experience and they should refrain from making the same mistake again! Yes, very true!

    People wanted to bring about a change and end the three decade old rape of this nation.

    In 2008, they voted against a dictator, chose a young vigorous working leader of few needs, and loved to see that the people he was working for got what they deserved.

    The people did not know that the leader they chose could manage with a two bedroom house for him and his family to sacrifice the wealth he could have very well used, for the benefit of the aged he so dearly loved, and was working for!

    When the people chose their new leader, they never knew that they could be the proud owner of an identity card that had one hundred thousand rufiya in store for their medicals!

    People like Gasim, saw that their need was dropping and that people no longer came to beg them for medical and other needs!

    On 7th February 2012, the leader people chose was made to resign and the many hopes their leader gave them was halted with immediate effect!

    Aasandha was sent down the drain, people had to start the begging spree and so on.

    Political turmoil started ruining this country!

    This is the bare truth!

    Yes! The people have to think and get rid of these loony characters and choose the leader they chose before and find a quick way out of the chaos people like Gasim brought to this country who "possibly could not" even give the people the benefit of Aasandha just to name one!

  2. Aasandhg was not a genuine health scheme but it was more open doors for corruption.

    Nasheed dis open this Aasandga because he failed the previous health scheme under different name and people stop giving any credit to previous health scheme.

    Asandha was used by many people to earn money rather than use as health insurance.

    Many private clinics used people ID to get the money from state even without providing any services to any one.

    there were many loop holes in the policy and it was not feasible at all to manage the scheme.

    Asanadha itself is good scheme but need to mange and have proper control in place to prevent people getting misused the facilities.

    No country in the world had an health scheme like Asandha . Even places like swistzerland , they have a very good insurance scheme but with limitation and proper control.


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