Refrain from “emotional judgement” when casting presidential votes: JP Leader Gasim

Presidential hopeful and Jumhooree Party (JP) leader MP Gasim Ibrahim has requested Maldivians to “refrain from emotional judgment” when casting their votes in September’s presidential election, local media has reported.

Gasim said the “only way to bring about the change people want to see” is to reflect on past experiences and “refrain from making the same mistakes again” during a campaign event on Funadhoo Island in Shaviyani Atoll held Friday (April 12).

He was reported by Sun Online to have further emphasised that any president of the country needed to be able to understand the sentiments of the people and be willing to resolve their pains and troubles.

Gasim pledged the JP in government would seek to solidify decentralised governance and allow councils to have “all that they deserve”. He also said that women’s development committees will have influence in a JP government.

“Our men and women must go forth, in a spirit of working together. I would like to say that in our government, we will give as much cooperation as we possibly can, to the work of the women development committee,” Sun Online quoted Gasim as saying.