Regional harbours to be taken over by MPL

Two regional harbours in the Maldives are to be taken over by Maldives Ports Limited (MPL), it has been announced.

CEO of MPL, Mahdhy Imad, said both Gan and Kulhudhuffushi harbours were not being maintained properly and will not develop if the current model continues to be followed.

Speaking to SunOnline, he said: “Because we would be able to operate them better, we have decided to take over them. We will not make much profit from them.”

According to Imad, the harbours will be made independent only after they can stand on their own two feet, and there will be no changes made to the prices of services.

“Because we are experiencing tough times economically, we plan to stick to the current model and same fees, and move forward slowly,” he added.


One thought on “Regional harbours to be taken over by MPL”

  1. Very true!
    These areas do not have people intelligent enough to run these ports, so post your goons there and try get votes for Waheed or Gayyoom!
    Mr. Mahdi, be more sensible!


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