Road construction work commences in Gaaf Alif Atoll Villin’gili

The government has begun work on road construction in the island of Villin’gili in Gaaf Alif Atoll on Tuesday.

The project is handled by Maldives Road Development Corporation (MRDC) and was inaugurated by Villin’gili’s former Council President Saudh Hussain and MRDC Chairperson.

The MRDC stated that 50 kilometers of road will be constructed on the island, making up a total of 15 roads.

The government has further contracted the MRDC to build roads on seven other islands.


3 thoughts on “Road construction work commences in Gaaf Alif Atoll Villin’gili”

  1. We are seeing development in all corners of Maldives and Nasheed will find difficult to digest them.

    Nasheed will see him getting alienated in politics soon and MDP will not tolerate his dictatorial attitudes within the party.

    Shahid, Ibu or Ali waheed will emerge as new leaders from MDP

  2. Hey 'hero', we havent forgotten how you PPM gundaas prevented island development by blockading every action the MDP government took.

    I hope you guys get what's coming to you for scamming us poor island people with your dirty lies and false promises.

  3. @Hero
    Sure. But they don't have any drainage. The roads are still unusable, only prettier (for a while). Development indeed!


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