Russian accused of drug-smuggling remanded until trial

Russian national Purtova Angelina has been remanded until her trial for allegedly smuggling 2.5kg of cocaine into the Maldives.

Angeline was arrested on January 27 this year when she arrived in the Maldives from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Despite being sent to the Prosecutor General’s Office in April, the case has been delayed due to a dispute between the Criminal Court and the PG’s office over the provision of a translator.

Haveeru reported yesterday that Angelina will now be held until her trial has concluded.

The Law on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances stipulates that a foreign national charged with importing over 1 gram of narcotics will be sentenced to life imprisonment. There is also a possibility of received a minimum fine of MVR10,000 (US$651).