Maldives backs UN HRC probe into claims of Israeli violations in Gaza

The Maldives has voted in favor of a UN Human Rights Council independent inquiry into Israel’s violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws in Palestine, particularly in the Gaza strip

The council resolution passed on Wednesday with the support of 29 of the 46 member council. The US voted against the resolution, while seventeen countries, including many European states, abstained from the vote.

The inquiry’s aim is to “establish the facts and circumstances of such violations and of the crimes perpetrated and to identify those responsible,” as well as to find ways to protect civilians.

The HRC condemned “the widespread, systematic and gross violations of international human rights and fundamental freedoms”  and called for and end to all attacks against civilians.

Calling for an immediate end to the illegal closure of the occupied Gaza Strip, the council called on the international community to provide urgent humanitarian assistance and expressed concern over the condition of Palestinians in Israeli detention centers.

Timely Action

During the special session, the Maldives criticised the HRC, arguing that “more timely action should have been taken on this issue by this council.”

The Maldives representative Ambassador-at-large Abdulla Hameed said the country strongly condemns the Israeli “mass killings and the daily massacre of innocent civilians” and called on Israel to “immediately stop the killing and start respecting human life and human dignity and immediately withdraw from the Gaza strip.”

Without naming specific states, the Maldives also criticised “the countries that provides arms and finances that enables Israel to carry out the killings.”

Such  weapons and funds are “taking away the lives of pregnant women, infants and babies,” said Hameed, who said the Maldives demanded an end to such assistance.

The Maldives expressed concern over a “mellow reaction” from larger states, urging the international community to put all its efforts toward a long term resolution to the Middle-East conflict.

Accusing Israel of deliberately targeting hospitals and ambulances, the Maldives demanded that humanitarian agencies be provided unfettered access to Gaza.

At the UN Security Council’s July 22 session, the Maldives suggested a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire, stating that the realisation of peace in the region will not be achieved “until bold decisions are made” in the council to “fulfill its mandate as outlined in the charter of the United Nations in protecting the vulnerable.”

At the council meeting yesterday, the Maldives called for a de-escalation of hostilities, restoration of calm , and the reopening of the Gaza strip based on the 2005 agreement on movement and access.

“The Maldives reiterates its enduring support for the legitimate and inalienable right to the Palestinian people to freedom, justice and dignity,” its representative said.


Meanwhile, the Gaza Fund established by the religious Adhaalth Party (AP) and civil society groups had received over MVR1.4 million (US$95,600) by Wednesday (July 23), a party representative told Minivan News today.

Opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) leader Mohamed Nasheed has now called on Maldivians to donate to the fund after previously suggesting it was “unwise” to donate to a fund established by the AP -questioning the party’s previous use of the Mosque Fund.

Saying that the organisers has assured the funds would be utilised to help the people of Gaza, Nasheed called on everyone to donate whatever is possible.

“We should always aim to assist those who are less fortunate than us, we must help those Muslims who are living under worse conditions than we are. We should always consider their situation,” he said speaking at a collection box in Malé.

The Maldivian Red Crescent (MRC) also began a fund raising programme this week, responding to an emergency appeal for US$14.7 million by the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS).

Collections for the programme will continue until August 15 through MRC bank accounts and donation boxes at public spaces. MRC branches outside Malé will also collect donations, which will be used provide medical supplies and shelter in Palestine, said the PRCS.

The Dhivehi Language Academy has organised a debate on the Palestinian issue, to be aired on local channels on the Independence Day (July 26). The topic for the debate is ‘A permanent solution to the Palestinian issue have not been reached because the Muslims are not united’.

Lasr Friday’s national sermon also concentrated on the Gaza crisis, lamenting the loss of “Muslim holy lands” and destruction of Muslim lands by “enemies of Muslims.”

“Great crimes which was never seen before in the history of humanity are being carried out by the Zionist system against the beloved people of Palestine. Violent acts are being carried out against them after keeping them under occupation for several years and depriving them of many human rights,” read the July 18 sermon.

The sermon also expressed grief over the failure of major global powers to end the attacks and called on Maldivians to protest “without disturbing foreign institutions within the country” and in accordance to the laws. It stated that  working to end “the brutal war against Gaza” is a religious obligation and trying to “stop those atrocities is something every Muslims must do.”


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  1. So the ending of the brutal war in Gaza is now a 'religious obligation' for Muslims?
    Why is it not a 'religious obligation' for Sunni Muslims to stop persecuting and killing 'lesser' Muslims?
    Why is it that Shias, Ahmadiyyas, Sufis and other so called 'lesser muslims' are safer in India than in muslim majority countries?

  2. Miss India why don't you clean your backyard first and stop daily rapes in your country? while you type your comment remember that in every 30 seconds a child or women is raped somewhere in India.

    Your country has become one of the most unsafe country for women.

  3. @MissIndia. I strongly suggest to you to try to stop daily raping happening in your country and advocate the rights for children to be free from child forced labour.

    Try to reduce your poverty level from 60% to 10% within next 5 years.

    Try to provide clean water, basic health, food and education to 60% of the population who are deprived from them.

    Try to eradicate the cast system and let eve lower cats people enjoy the freedom instead of becoming a slaves of their master.

    Millions of children are suffering from all these basic needs.

  4. Hamas is at war with Israeli, what you expect in a war; collateral damage innocents getting killed. No one can stop Israeli from protecting their citizens, if you want that then you are simply supporting the annihilation of Jews second Holocaust. If you really sympathize with Palestinians you should help to get rid of Hamas, there is no way you can destroy Israeli, such advanced military and Hamas looks like ancient warriors, simply wasting all their life just to get killed in a blink of eyes, What a waste and mad people, I wonder what made them such lowlife. Palestinians has the choice get rid of Hamas or get killed because of Hamas.

  5. @Rubaa: No. HAMAS is well-paid. It's only their soldiers who are 'ancient warriors'. While they die, their leaders are pocketing millions of dollars in funds and kickbacks from corrupt regimes like Maldives.

    Because, what better 'circus' to distract us from issues in Maldives than the butchering of Palestinians?

  6. Iraq broke 2 UN resolutions and they got invaded by America.
    Israel breaks 67 resolutions and nothing happens?
    Btw, the so called terrorist org Hamas was founded long after Israel declared war against those innocent people.
    Hamas in fact was created to defend their nation and it's people. They are not using the civilians as human shields as declared by the western media. They are defending those civilians who has taken refuge in those schools and hospitals from Israel's inhuman activities.
    Where is the peace maker US? Were is UN? Where is EU? Where are other 'Human Rights' promoting organizations? Where are the Muslim Nations? Where are the Arabic billionaires? Funding them money wouldn't help. WE NEED ACTION! Hundreds of innocent children, mothers, brothers and sisters are being killed! Would you remain silent if those children was your 5 year old kid?

  7. There is a solution for Palestinians from Maldives; we can give our tiny country to create Palestine, give us Palestine, you can quarrel with Sri Lanka and India for your amusement, we can live side by side with Israeli brothers and sisters peacefully, without any arms, no rockets to Israeli, no suicide bombers, just give us freedom to grow beard, covering of women from head to toe, no temples, no dogs, and free nuts and supari.

  8. Instead of droning on endlessly about Palestine, what about protesting the kidnapping and forced conversion of the schoolgirls by your brothers Boko Haram in Nigeria?.....or protesting the death sentence for apostacy for the Christian woman married to a muslim man in Sudan?
    I think you dumb islanders should all go on jihad to Palestine.....Keep your trousers buttoned up in case you get an Israeli rocket up your ass.
    Don't worry about me poppets.....I belong to India's elite class.....better educated than you, better travelled than you and a good looking rich bitch.
    I don't live in a overcrowded capital city crawling with junkies and do.

  9. @IBS:
    Hamas was created as a rival organization to the PLO. While the PLO sought freedom for Palestine, HAMAS wants to deny freedom for all they do not agree with. They are quick to run when Israeli tanks appear. This is not what the western media says - this is what Palestinians themselves say.

    "Where is the peace maker US? Were is UN? Where is EU? Where are other ‘Human Rights’ promoting organizations? Where are the Muslim Nations? Where are the Arabic billionaires?"

    Too busy being paid off by the Saudis. After all, this circus is very helpful in silencing dissent in regimes friendly to the true axis of imperialism. Just look at us, dancing to their tune and lining the bonaqua fund with more money.

  10. This is big business and building economy.

    It pays when there is conflict in the countries. The worlds top economies gain big time.

    They have the market for their arms. It's extraordinarily lucrative.
    Conflict in ME is beneficial to all except the people of these nations.

    Poor sods. They pray and pray. Nothing EVER happens.
    When the ambers die a little, all the business men need to do is, give a free bie rockets to some raving maniac, and voila, the flames start all over again.

    It's so easy to tickle these factions into war. All it takes is a cartoon to rev them up.

    The cost of ignorance and blind faith in some idiotic religion is unbelievable. The people suffer so much.

    What you need to do is wake up. These countries have wealth. Instead of praying for help, use your brains to develop an economy, people, work hard, face reality. Don't let the arms dealers, wealth squanderers rape your people and nation.

    Then, there would be hope for the next generations of your people.

    Being a Muslim is like a permanent anchor, dragging half your time into praying, getting nothing in return. You can do your yoga when you are old. But young people must use their time and strength to build your nation, people, economy, contribute to humanity. You make your destiny. Nothing gets delivered from above.

  11. I thought Maldives government didn't want the UN HRC telling them how to treat women, children, foreign laborers, etc. And if I recall, Maldivians consistently tell UN HRC members to get f*****. And use all that "Maldives is a sovereign nation, don't tell us what to do" crap. It must be nice to pick and choose what you think is important for human rights. All the while, you have your hand out for cash every time the UN shows up with some money to throw away.

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