Save Our Surfspot (SOS) campaign gathers support

“Maldivian surfers are beginning to attract support from around the world for a campaign to save a popular surfspot from privatisation,” reports Travel News Maldives.

“The Save Our Surfspot (SOS) campaign was launched in response to news that the Government of the Maldives wants to sell Thanburudhoo Island in North Male’ Atoll and its two surf breaks known as ‘Sultans’ and ‘Honkeys’ for US$5million. The island is also a breeding ground for herons, a protected bird in the Maldives.

The campaigners have organised an online petition via international campaign website Avaaz with a target of 10,000 signatures, as well as a social media campaign to encourage people to support the cause. Their calls are now starting to be taken up by the international surf media and supporters as far away as Australia, the USA and Russia.”

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