HRCM findings will reflect CNI conclusions on transfer of power: President’s Office

The government will not make “special” preparations to address the findings of the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) once they are published next week, claiming it does not expect any “abnormal” outcome from the report that would see its legitimacy questioned.

President’s Office Spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza today told Minivan News that while it did not wish to speculate on the CNI’s outcome before receiving its findings on August 29, the government expected similar conclusions regarding the transfer of power to those of the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM).

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has dismissed the government’s claims, adding that the CNI was an independent body, overseen by international partners, and would therefore focus on the “big picture” concerning the power transfer, rather than any individual report.

The HRCM yesterday publicly released several reports around alleged human rights abuses committed in the lead up to February 7, as well as reported violations that occurred once the government of President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan came into power on February 8.

Among some of the key findings of the reports were that former President Nasheed gave “unlawful orders” to the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) and police officers at the Artificial Beach area on the evening of February 6. The HRCM also concluded that the Maldives Police Service needed to investigate alleged brutality conducted by its own officers after the transfer of power.

The HRCM’s findings are expected to be taken into consideration by the panel currently overseeing the CNI, which includes members appointed by President Waheed and a representative for former President Mohamed Nasheed. Under its reformed composition, the CNI is also co-chaired by retired Singaporean judge Govinda Pannir Selvam. Representatives from the United Nations and the Commonwealth will also advise the CNI’s work.

The CNI was initially established by President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan to investigate the details of February’s controversial transfer of power, before having its board reconstituted following international and domestic pressure.

Potential outcomes

With the government expected to receive the CNI’s report on August 29 – a day before it will be released to the public – Abbas Adil Riza said that the President’s Office saw “no need” to devise plans to address the potential outcomes of the CNI.

“The HRCM report has proven what we have always maintained about how this government came to power. We expect similar findings [from the CNI] that the previous chief executive displayed gross negligence and a violation of laws. We don’t expect a different stand,” he claimed. “However, on the basis of the CNI report, we will take necessary actions against any criminal behaviour found to have been committed at the time, should issues be raised.”

Abbas added that elections were therefore still scheduled for July 2013. Both the MDP and the Commonwealth Ministerial Acton Group (CMAG) have called for early elections to be held during 2012 to resolve the increasingly bittier political divide in the country.

With President Waheed expected to travel to Sri Lanka tomorrow for a postponed state visit, Abbas claimed that no discussions regarding the CNI and its outcomes were planned with Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa.

He added that the visit would therefore be focused on high-level talks concerning wider bilateral relations and commercial opportunities between the two nations.

“Out of context”

Responding to the release yesterday of the HRCM’s findings, MDP Spokesperson and MP Hamid Abdul Ghafoor said the party’s “experts” were studying the individual reports at present before making comment.

However, on a first glance basis, he accused the HRCM of publishing a “convoluted array of statements” that were additionally “out of context” with wider happenings during the transfer of power.

“The report accuses [former] President Nasheed of issuing unconstitutional orders, the whole thing is out of context and frozen over a 48 hour period,” he said. “At this stage, I would say there are many oversights in these findings.”

Ghafoor added that Abbas’ claims that the CNI would draw a similar conclusion to the HRCM’s findings reflected the position taken by Umar Naseer, Interim Deputy Leader of the government-aligned Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).

On Sunday (August 19), Naseer leaked details of the HRCM’s findings before they had been released publicly, focusing on claims that Nasheed had given “unlawful orders” to the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) and police officers at the Artificial Beach area on the evening of February 6.

He added that the HRCM report concluded that the MNDF and police officers at the Artificial Beach area were “unlawfully” ordered to leave the area, which led to a breakdown in command and control of the security forces.

The HRCM report was also said by Naseer to conclude that Nasheed’s orders to leave the area violated article 245 of the constitution, by obstructing security forces from fulfilling their lawful duties.

However, Ghafoor added that he was “not concerned” that the HRCM’s findings would lead the CNI to dismiss the MDP’s allegation that it was removed from office in a “coup d’etat”.

He claimed that due to international participation, the CNI, as an independent body, was well placed to view the HRCM report in the wider context of Maldivian politics. Ghafoor claimed that the CNI would be aware of alleged concerns over the conduct of the country’s independent institutions to do their work without political influence.

Ghafoor alleged that during the last three years, the majority of former opposition, now government-aligned, MPs had allowed the country’s independent institutions to be “shielded” from scrutiny concerning the outcomes of their work.

“The HRCM has always been a source of problems concerning independence” he claimed. “You just need to look at its failure to investigate the atrocities committed under the former government [of President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom].”


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  1. " The government will not make “special” preparations to address the findings of the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) once they are published next week, claiming it does not expect any “abnormal” outcome from the report that would see its legitimacy questioned.

    President’s Office Spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza today told Minivan News that while it did not wish to speculate on the CNI’s outcome before receiving its findings on August 29, the government expected similar conclusions regarding the transfer of power to those of the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM). "

    Abbas Adil Riza, save your too hoots for a rainy day!

  2. I also believe that Anni lost his presidency due to continuous breach of the constitution and his arrogance attitude.

    I have no doubt on that and i have the right to says that since things got unfolded just in front our eyes and Anni actions is the proof of my judgement.

    I guess we also have the right to believe what we have seen and I am expecting the same result from CNI unless they were manipulated by Anni.

    I have heard that Anni had very good influence in the commission and am not too sure how true that it is?

  3. Oh how convenient!
    Anyone who issues reports that exposes the lies of MDP is "not independent". For God's sake it was the MDP government which nominated members to HRCM.

  4. Symptoms of regime craving for legitimacy having usurped power by brute force and conniving to topple the first democratically elected government. When the popular support could not be mustered during demonstrations in the lead up to the organized mutiny it was a humiliation due to low turn out of people apart from sponsored activists - most of who are known for their demerits and wily nature.The humiliation worsened when MDP could simply whip up popular support through SMS without having to disturb the residents through hours of town-crying.The reality is people are fed up with Gayoomism politics of covert expenditures and deception at the cost of public coffers. MDP government has been delivering more than it promised and sense of security in terms of finance, social handouts and medical care became a reality within just three years despite the obstructions, jeering and continued conspiracy to curtail projects like unprecedented massive housing programmes. The coup is the outcome of nothing but political extremism and personal vendetta inflicted by a group who enjoyed life and easy politics through oppression for too long. These people could digest Anni outdoing them in development through PPP and economic ingenuity and valour against all odds engendered as a by-product of tactics employed by the then opposition to stay afloat by holding to ransom the Majlis,judiciary and crucial media outlets.

    The whole thing boils down to sleazy handiwork of a regime bound to be exposed every passing day due to unsuccessful efforts to fool the people as has been doing for ages. Peolple have said ' no' to Gayoom who has never in his life ( perhaps he wont be able to imagine even)had the experience of democtratic rule nor a single electoral victorty in a free and fair election.

    To cleanse Maldivees politics of this abhorrent gerrymandering and scorch-earth politics a free and fair elections is not only crucial to restore democracy and people's power. If international community fails to pressure the regime into early Presidential elections the Maldives democracy will fall into the abysmal pit of manipulation, mafia tactics ( as is today) and money-powered extremism of all sorts. Maldives is to be salvaged now or never by redeeming the establishment through an election.

  5. HRCM issues a statement to pre-empt CONI report. Hassan Saeed publishes a book to pre-empt CONI report. Now abbas Adil Riza pre-empts CONI report before it is released?

    It is becoming way too obvious and apparent that government is trying to influence a commission that it created on its own to investigate the transfer of power on february 8th.

  6. lies by hameed gafoor. HRCM is not able to investigate the atrocities commited during the time of gayoom because thats not in their mandate. their mandate states that they can investigate the rights violations commited AFTER the formation of HRCM.
    No why didnt MDP change the HRCM mandate when they were in power?

  7. Astonishing anticipation by the current regime to still manipulate the outcome of this report. Can you imagine if this happened in Germany, Japan or the USA..? The MDP would be allowed to finish their term that the people elected them to do.
    Beyond belief!!

  8. lathifa... The HRCM mandate also says that if the commission members see it fit, they can investigate crimes committed prior to the formation of the HRCM. Pls read the relevant law and HRCM mandate

  9. @ darwin
    i dont know whether there is such a clause. is this like one of those 'white lies' mdp people tell to win their side?
    but i'm sure that there is a clause in HRCM regulation which says that they can investigate rights violation from the date of formation of HRCM. If there is a clause which says that they can investigate any case they see fit, i think there is a clash with the previous clause.
    so, if you have a link for it, you can post it to clear this.

  10. While the MDP members who often frequent this website tend to focus solely on single thing, returning Nasheed to the presidency, we must never forget how we came to this impasse.

    There is a considerable cross-section of the population, which I sincerely believe is the majority, who would not allow Nasheed to hold on to power for a single day more.

    Before anyone goes ballistic, I also accept that in a society which respects the rule of law, an elected leader should be allowed to remain in power to the end of his term until and unless he is impeached or he resigns. Our situation is unique as Nasheed resigned and later claimed he had been forced to do so by an organized coup.

    So HRCM, CoNI and whatever else we create needs to state unambiguously;
    - Whether Nasheed had been forced up until the final minute to leave office against his will by the deliberate acts of clear and distinct parties.
    - Whether those parties had been acting under the orders of a coordinated group of conspirators.

    Only if either or both of the above is found to have taken place in the Maldives can Nasheed be reinstated to the Presidency.

    If not then what happened between December and January this year can only be called an extremely vicious political standoff which resulted in a President deciding to resign due to his inability to resolve the situation. In such a case then his Vice President should be allowed to remain in power until such time as that Vice President sees fit to call elections.

  11. "I have heard that Anni had very good influence in the commission and am not too sure how true that it"

    let me see..3 members out of 4 four aligned with Gayoom.. Ismail Shafeeu last Defense Minister on Gayooms adminsitration, Fawas Shareef , who Dr Waheed campaigned to be elected the Vice Chancellor of the National University of Maldives, the son of Ahmed Shareef one of the infamous Javaahirumaage brothers, who did very well indeed in Gayooms administration, married to the sister of Shawgy, last Minister of Education of Gayooms administration, Yaasir Ahmed sister of Azra chair of the HRCM ...........

    How about you tell us how Nasheed has influence on this lot?

    I have given a lot of thought to your bizarre statemehts that continue to pop up and I thinkyou may be suffering from a severe case of Cognitive Disonance.

    I reccommend a visit to a psychologist before you lose it altogether.

  12. The whole purpose of all these reports and statements pre CNI report is to provoke and anger the supporters of the MDP. They are so out of their depth, their desperation is embarassing.

    These guys are from the past, we are the future,

    Chis chis kohllyas, fis fis kohlliyas magey nethey veveykah baagee akah.

    Truth will prevail. We fear only Allah. And Allah will deliver justice to our people.

  13. @Aisha:

    Your comment is highly interesting as it reflects a fundamental shift in the composition of MDP's membership. I have observed similar comments to yours on social network groups and articles written in Minivan Daily.

    At the time of founding MDP was mostly made up of individuals who hardly ever used religious legitimization to strengthen political statements. The best example of my point is President Nasheed's practice of beginning his speeches with a simple Salam and a Bismillah without going into the lengthy prayers often used by other politicians. This I believe was because MDP's majority membership at the time was religiously liberal and highly urban-based.

    Although the MDP continues to hold urban rallies with 200-300 in attendance, I feel there has been a large shift in the party's support base. A large number who were earlier seen refusing to adjust to the changed situation in 2008 are observed on social networks now voicing support for Nasheed and the MDP.

    This is not surprising as MDP has now become what DRP was immediately after 2008. A party whose membership will not question their leadership and whose only focus is on the popularity of a single charismatic individual.

    Such a membership often comes from a rural base whose rhetoric includes more religious references than those in the urban areas.

    Based on these observations, I sincerely believe MDPs support base has shifted from largely urban to largely rural while Nasheed and his close associates still retain some influence over a small section of the urban areas.

  14. what you expect, when armed security forces went wild while he was inside the barracks - it was a clear life or death decision believe it or not

  15. his ministers, mp's were being attacked while so called resignation negotiation were being conducted by rogue forces - it was like a kidnap and ransom situation with the resignation letter being the ransom demanded by robbers

  16. Regardless of whether it was a coup or not, the current rulers who are in power will successfully prevent Nasheed from returning back to power. This is for obvious reasons.

    So, the only way for MDP to return to power in the future will be to contest elections with a new Leader.

    While it is heart breaking for a large number of Nasheed's supporters to accept this, Nasheed's political career itself depends on MDP appointing a new Presidential Candidate to contest next year's elections.

    As long as Nasheed continues to lead MDP, the party is going to disintegrate as a political force. Alternatively MDP will end up as a small militant group.

  17. Nasheed has to leave politics. If MDP wants a future for their party.

  18. @lathifa .. do your own research man.. before blabbing your mouth off... and then you are accusing others of spreading propaganda? if you wish yo comment on here, better also do a bit of research...


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