Senior US diplomat Robert Blake to meet top government, opposition figures in Male’

US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert Blake will be meeting senior government and opposition figures during a visit to the Maldives on Wednesday (September 12).

Blake’s visit, part of a wider tour of South Asia that includes visits to Nepal and Sri Lanka, will include meetings with President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan and former President Mohamed Naseed, according to a state department release.

A “round-table” will also be held with a number of civil society leaders, while Blake will conclude his visit with a press conference at the American Corner in the capital’s National Library building.

“[Assistant Secretary Blake] will express US support for all Maldivian parties charting a way forward that respects Maldivian democratic institutions, the rule of law, and the will of the Maldivian people,” added the state department in its release.


5 thoughts on “Senior US diplomat Robert Blake to meet top government, opposition figures in Male’”

  1. We have condoned the damn coup, so how can we "express US support for all Maldivian parties"? Diplomatic doublespeak. I am ashamed of my government and apologize to the Maldivian people for giving aid and comfort to the illegitimate Waheed/Gayoom regime. Please forgive us (at least we are not as shameful as India!).

  2. Actually there was no damned coup. it has been proven by CONI report attested by EU and Commonwealth observers. Maybe its a mix up of words which wrongly got translated to coup, which did create all this problems. in dhivehi we have one word for: coup, mutiny, uprising etc. so this damned lie about coup shall stop somewhere. better here and now!

  3. Internation Observer.
    The majority of Maldivian believes that it is not a coup and Anni resigned himself for the sake of this country.

    Anni is the biggest threat to our young democracy . I know there are people who will not believe this and there are reasonable crowd with him . Those people are the victims of the cult .

  4. The report didn't prove anything, it was a weak attempt to smooth everything over. If the current government wanted to do the right thing then they would hold early elections. Bottom line is they're not having early elections for a reason...think about it people, it's not rocket science.

  5. the reason we shall not have early elections is because this country have other people as well. not everyone belongs to MDP and everyone is not obliged to do MDP's bidding. If they want to have respect, they shall respect others aswell.


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