Thousands rally as diplomats meet with press

United States’ Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake has encouraged the coalition of “former opposition” political parties affiliated with the new government to “work with all parties to reform and improve the capacity of the judiciary, the police and the election commission to ensure the election can be held in an orderly and peaceful manner.”

Large crowds gathered at MDP rally

Meeting the press this afternoon in the National Art Gallery, Blake said that “a number of good ideas” were being explored to “try and bring former President Mohamed Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) into the national unity government.”

Blake’s suggestion follows that of new President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan, who said on Saturday morning that he hoped some cabinet posts would be taken by the MDP: “I hope MDP will be part of my cabinet, and I will keep posts vacant for them.”

Nasheed’s supporters have criticised the legitimacy of Dr Waheed’s government and have refused to participate in his proposed ‘national unity’ government.

Challenged by a foreign journalist as to the legality of the transition, Blake said that US commitment was to the new government of the Maldives.

““The United states remains committed to working with all Maldivian people to ensure democratic and prosperous future for this important friend of the United States,” Blake said.

However he added said that there were “some questions regarding the transfer of power” and suggested that some sort of independent Maldivian commission be formed to investigate the issue, before arriving at conclusions.

As per the constitution, the Vice President is next in line for the presidency and the speaker of the parliament “has already said that the transfer of the power was constitutional.”

“Some people say it was a coup, some people say it was a peaceful and constitutional transfer of. power. That not for the US to decide, that is for Maldivians,” Blake said.

He did express concern over the “anti-semetic commentary” and strongly condemned it, and also praised Nasheed’s government “for working to improve [the country’s] relationship with Israel and show themselves as a modern and progressive government.”

Nasheed and his party supporters gathered in their thousands at the Artificial Beach in Male’, where they were shown a chronology of videos leading up the change of government. Crowd control police or military were nowhere to be seen, and the crowd eventually dispersed peacefully.


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  1. Dr Waheed, Anni has said none from his MDP will be involved in the unity government. So don't worry about him and his party. Just forget about him and form your government without him.

  2. "However he added said that there were “some questions regarding the transfer of power” and suggested that some sort of independent Maldivian commission be formed to investigate the issue, before arriving at conclusions."
    From the above statement everyone will know no one in the world believe this present government. From 2008 November people of Maldives enjoyed the real freedom. No one can refuse. But now we are again in the brutal hands of dictators or Money Lords. Almighty Allah will again redeem us from these cunning liers. Let us pray for a victorious Democracy.

  3. Bring on the independent investigation ASAP. However, common sense would show that the transfer of government was nothing else but a coup. Interesting to ask why Dr Waheed has changed the cabinet? If he's just taking over from the resigned president, he is taking over the same Nasheed administration, with the same cabinet and policies. Why change the cabinet and act like he has been elected and is starting a new term? Simply because Waheed won't be able to survive as the new President without giving his allies the positions that they have been promised, which we are already seeing in the defence minister, home minister and the CP!

  4. Hey USA if you can't make up your mind with this tiny country Maldives how the hell you think you can fix Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the rest of the rogue countries.

    You are the devil USA. True USA is visible to me now you don't see beyond you damn nose.

  5. What the hell is the US playing at. It was a coup. When you buy the police, army and all the media and use guns, by definition it is a coup.
    We Maldivians are not capable of an impartial and independent evaluation hence this bloody mess. US, UK please listen to the complete evidence and judge the facts for the sake democracy around the whole world!!

  6. Idrees, not even hundreds, may be only ten, mean while go back to kindergarten and learn to count.

  7. I have totally lost faith in America's claim that they are the guardians of democracy.

    What they should realize is that what is happening in the Maldives is likely to happen in the new emerging democracies in the Middle East and elsewhere. The "old guards" will try to come back with the cronies and wealth they have built for generations.

    America is giving a very bad message to the whole world here. We, in Maldives, definitely know that a coup has taken place, and and democracy is at stake.

    Proof is every where on youtube, and elsewhere on the web.

  8. Mr. Blake, and those who is still in doubt about legitimacy this puppet government, I have a few queations that you ppl can think deeply

    It was a really a coup!!!! then how those gangsters police and oppostion ppl hijacked MNBC one, while they were hijacking, they changed into VTV for a while, then finally untill now it become TVM..Just ur eyes...

    They planned very well, 1 Feb, this Waheed and some opposiion leaders like DRP they had meeting that night to bring down presidency of Nasheed..

    they organized some islanders to come that day (on 7 th feb ) for making big demo and destruct everything..

    My friend saw and heard that day, there was a man who commaded to destruct MNBC and brought big pipe!!!

    for Those people who behind this conspiracy, Take a note That Allah never sleep, HE knows ur heart, everything, ur bad deeds will be asked responsibility to HIM ..Dont you fear To Allah...

    This is the only place, this world ,is for us for gaining amal shaleh only....
    please be fear to Allah...

  9. “Some people say it was a coup, some people say it was a peaceful and constitutional transfer of. power. That not for the US to decide, that is for Maldivians,” Blake said.

    Absolute hogwash! Robert Blake Its unfortunate your position as Assistant Secretary of State for Asia is to rely on hearsay rather than solid intelligence. or is it more about vested US interests to see a 'puppet' banana republic in the Indian ocean. This is exactly what US did in Central America. So much for the rhetoric from the leader of the free world.
    If you say that its for Maldivians to decide about the legitimacy of this coup, what exactly are you doing in my country Mr Blake?

  10. Hey, U know - this U.S., Bake is a Cake - he has been convinced by the Baagee / Fili Waheed saying that they are going to give them few islands to put some Military bases of U.S in Maldives.

    China, India, Malaysia & SriLanka has to get alert. As this Baagee / Fili Waheed (Baburu Soru) has confirmed to offer few islands to U.S to make some Military bases, which will cause lots & lots of troubles.

  11. Ok USA you accept this government, do you accept the coup leaders as well.

    What kind of a moral does USA have? I seriously hard to understand your sense.

  12. Seriously do we really need a independent inquiry when every statement, every video we see points to a coup.

  13. If MDP has a majority, how come MDP was never able to control the parliament, despite buying new MPs.

    If MDP has a majority, how come that there were unable to effect judicial reform (which needs to be done)

    If MDP has a majority, how come they won by a narrow margin (54 %) even with a support of a broad based coalition.

    If MDP has a majority, why was it not utilized when they were in Government.

    Fact is there is no evidence of a majority. What MDP does have a small group of very loyal and loud supporters. Thats all about it.

  14. What is wrong with America? Do they not see the evidence of police brutality all the videos circulating around. Do they think its normal that some random three people can go into the miltary barracks and then take the sitting president to his office and make him write a letter of resignation? Now two of those random people hold top positions, Nazim as Defence minister and Riyaz the police commissioner. Is the US saying its ok that maldivians are deprived of voting? and are they really stupid enough to believe that there could be an independent inquiry by maldivians, when thugs like Jameel control the home ministry, and when the judiciary and police are biased what hope is there?

  15. Why cannot MDP accept that this is a change that the people of the Maldives wanted. Nasheed is responsible for his own downfall. He failed to live up to the expectations of the Maldivians. He failed to live up to the standards he promised to the people before he became president. The man had 4 years in office and failed to establish rule of law in the Maldives. There is evidence that Nahseed wanted the army to shoot the public and the police. I salute the army for putting the nation first hence protecting the public. Now we know the true colors of Nahseed we can never accept Nasheed as our president. If Nasheed resigned to avoid bloodshed why on earth is the man back on street burning public property and destroying the nation. In four years all what he has done is blaming the previous government. We were really hoping for a brighter future in the Maldives under Nasheed after 30 years of Iron fist rule. But this Man failed the nation beyond belief. Muneer/ HAVEERU

  16. IT is sad, americans and indians are not seeing the big picture here. The influence of old regime and those 4 business men had acquired power using there puppets. These are the people who opposes for tax and free market. The question is not about the ousted president mohamed nasheed but the question is the right and freedom of the Maldivian citizen. Shame on you Qasim ibrahim you are the one who created this mess!!!! Maldivians will bring you to justice.....

  17. No bla bla here and there.Please stop all this ponitlessvou just wait and get ready to suffer and experience the bitterness of all those thugs in oppositions and those who involved in this brutal act by all of them.

    Just wait we have closed our ears already even if they beg we are not capable to listen to them!!!!!!

    Feel no mercy for any of those thugs!!!!
    Everthing we want know is already clear and conclution is on its way!!!!!!

  18. US is right, it is not upto international parties to decide the future of this country. It is upto us, the Maldivians. Sadly most of us dont' even seem to realize that this isn't about MDP or Anni or whichever political party, but rather about humanity, about protecting our right to vote and about ensuring that we will not be a country ruled by the rogue forces of police and military. Dr Waheed, for as long as you possibly can, do not appoint a VP, cause the moment you do, you will be history and sadly you have turned your own people against you, and you will be discarded by your allies like nothing.

  19. Very funny .. this guy comes to investigate and says its for the Maldivians to investigate!!!! hahahaha

  20. It baffles me that Anni still doesn't know why he ousted in the first place! He has been giving UNLAWFUL orders to police and army for god knows how long! HE should know that he cant stay on power like that!

  21. Thumbs up to the U.S for having a good clear insight into the true situation the country is facing.It is clearly a divided society.Saudi fanaticism in the name of Islam and spread of the desert culture combined with the evangelical and secularist external forces aiding power hungry families branding themselves as liberals are the two sides of the coin that have hijacked the country.These clealry are minorities who r geting external support to penetrate a society of 90% moderate islamic people who have a high level of tolerance and love for education,self develeopment, human values and desire for knowledge combined with spiritual upliftment and purification of the soul by establishing high moral standards and forgiveness.Stability is the prime concern for all interested parties and can only be achived if the spread of hate is prevented.

  22. We have some imbeciles here too. People claiming that because Anni gave unlawful orders he cannot stay as President.

    It seems that some people do not understand what a democracy is?

    There is a way to get rid of a President. One is the vote of the people and the second way is called" Impeachment".
    There is no way called a "coup" that is legal.

    So if he broke the law then he should have been impeached legally and he would be out and Waheed would be the President.

    As for the Americans, it is a great disappointment that they do not support democracy as per se. But we all know that now. They are the biggest supporters of the World's biggest dictators in places like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc.
    India's stance is surprising. It seems that they have done a deal with Waheed too and let them keep the airport with GMR.

    Now I call on Jameel to kick GMR out as you have promised when you were in the opposition. In fact I dare you to do it.
    I bet that you would not and you would let them keep the Airport.

    Waheed's recent Cabinet appointments prove that Gayoom is back and it is Gayoom who is calling the shots and not Waheed. Otherwise who on Earth would give Mohamed Shareef( Mondoodhu) a Ministry? I mean wake up Maldivians.
    Is he the best we can find to run a Ministry? How can we be so stupid enough to believe that it is not Gayoom who is the de facto President now?
    Gayoom's lackeys in most of the Ministries followed by Gasim's people in the rest with one DPR.

  23. Why has no one asked why Judge Abdullah was releasing criminals? is that not an issue? What about the rights of our people that judge Abdullah violated?

  24. Mundhu as a minister? Haha...what a joke! I pity the civil servants who will have to work under him! Now we have a puppet president appointing puppets of other political leaders! This must be the biggest puppet administration in the world!

  25. The time you are giving Maldives, is time for Military regime to lock all MDP members and to strengthen Waheeds grip on this country and for Golha force to silence all supporters of Nasheed. And to spread their propaganda through out Maldives so that no one is able to challenge them in the next elections. U.S. is now joining and taking part in this Military Coup.

  26. The reality is that the downfall was never anticipated to come from the popular demonstrations as was acknowledged by nasheed as well. But the underestimation had cost the nasheed administration dearly. Change is never predictable when it's that spontaneous, what happened innmaldives was spontaneous. Nota a prearranged matter, tholath the defense minister should be credited for the change as the withdrawal of defense troops from the demonstration the previous night had triggered the events. The whole things played nicely in to the opposition hands and one had to just as a bit of fuel in the mismanagements of MDP. Every thing fell into place nicely. The case should be studied and thought to political students as a example.

  27. President Nasheed or anybody from MDP should not be part of this illegimate government. There is not a chance of unity government after that brutal beating by Police of President supporters none at all. I will not give my vote for Nasheed if he joins this government that has blood on its hands now.

  28. I am glad that Mr Blake made note of the anti-Semitic hate mongering filth that comes of out Jameel and his party. The United States and the rest of the world are very aware, that we have a professed anti-Semite and Christian basher in control of the Maldives Police Services (known formerly as the Maldives Police Services).

    Jameel, when's your nexted planned visist to the US? Let's have mull over the Jews and Christians who are out to destroy Islam in the Maldives.

    As much as I and others would love for the US to denounce the illegal regime, they can't do that outright for several reasons. First and foremost, as Blake pointed out, the Speaker of the Majlis is saying its legal. US and other countries have to be very careful not to overstate and be seen to interfere with the internal affairs of countries.

    The fact they are calling for an independent and transparent investigation into the departure of President Nasheed should not be taken lightly. In diplomatic terms, that's as close to as they can distance themselves from the regime short of calling it illegal. Moreover, the regime lacks credibility by the fact that a known anti-Semite was the first of cabinet posts announced!

  29. Correction to the previous post; should read:

    "The United States and the rest of the world are very aware, that we have a professed anti-Semite and Christian basher in control of the Maldives Terrorist Services (known formerly as the Maldives Police Services)."

  30. Dear Maldivian!

    Based on my own experience UN will only concern about their benefit....if they don't get anything from the person they will just me..that is UN....


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