Sewerage systems available to 80 percent population by 2013: President

President Mohamed Nasheed today announced that 80 percent of the Maldives population of 350,000 will have access to proper sewage systems by next year.

The President spoke today at the official launch of the start sewerage system established in Mahibadhoo.

Modern sewage systems and liquid waste disposals are baseline requirements for public health safety, the government maintains.

When his administration took office in 2008, said the President, only 22 per cent of the people had adequate sewage systems. Over the past three years that figure has climbed to 50 percent, he claimed.

The government is also pursuing projects with international donors to guarantee clean water on islands, particularly those whose reservoirs were contaminated during the 2004 tsunami.


One thought on “Sewerage systems available to 80 percent population by 2013: President”

  1. Thank you Anni.

    The weather looks bleak nowadays. You have a lot to do to achieve the expectations of the Maldivians, including the ignorants (jaahilu) and the opportunists.

    I would vote for you anyday, anytime, provided your plans do head this country to a better position in terms of economically, socially, politically.

    If you even so much as budge towards the likes of the religious retards, you would lose my vote!

    When you have a stable platform, Anni, why dont you get rid of the stupid idiots within MDP too. It will help you in future.


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