Communication Minister’s comment on withdrawing broadcasting licences “just advice”

The Maldives Journalist Association (MJA) and the Maldives Broadcasting Commission (MBC) have raised concerns over an alleged “threat” to the media from Minister of Transport and Communication Adhil Saleem, after he claimed that the broadcasting licence of media stations “misleading the public” would be revoked.

Adhil reportedly made the remarks during a meeting on Thursday with members of MBC, the broadcast media’s regulatory body.

Following the meeting, MBC held a press conference in which the commission President Badr Naseer contended that the commission legally reserves the right to suspend or renew a licence while according to section 44 of broadcasting commission courts hold the right to revoke a licence given to a media station.

Therefore, he argued, Minister Adhil’s threat “does not have any legal weight”.

He also said that the commission is deeply concerned by the “continous threats faced by the media despite the right to freedom of expression guaranteed under section 27, 28 of the constitution.”

Meanwhile, in a statement released by the MJA, the association condemned Adhil Saleem for “threatening to revoke the licence”.

The government is influencing the role of free media, and continuously attempting to defame some media organisation, the statement reads.

MJA also reiterated that it was the responsibility of the MBC and media council to monitor and take action against organisations breaching editorial policy and laws, not the government.

However, speaking to Minivan News today, Minister Adhil refuted the allegations.

“I did not threaten the media. It was just advice,” Adhil explained.

Adhil said that he met with the MBC members to notify them some of the TV stations covering the protest last night aired recorded content describing it as live events.

“I was watching the TV last night. What they showed was a mix. They showed recordings of yesterday and earlier protests with the live caption on-screen,” he alleged.

The stations must remove the live caption from screen if the telecasted events are not live, Adil argued, “otherwise it is misleading the public”

“I told [MBC] that as the governing body I expected the seven members – who are highly paid by the state – to monitor the situation, even if they don’t have the necessary means,” Adil said.

“If for whatever reason the regulatory body fails to monitor the situation, I said I will withhold the licence,” Adil said.

Speaking to Minivan News, senior officials from VTV and DhiTV insisted that the channels did not broadcast any “manipulated content” to deceive the public.

They also argued that using previous footage of interviews and scenes during live coverage was not something new, and was widely practiced in the international media.


17 thoughts on “Communication Minister’s comment on withdrawing broadcasting licences “just advice””

  1. I can't believe you are sitting there and talking about legal weight. Do you remember telling me and anyone who will listen about how you got two tourists to speak as though they were the alleged terrorists sent by former president Ibrahim Nasir to oust Maumoon.

    You did this on Summer Blue Ibrahim Manik and Endherimaage clans' order when you worked at the then Radio Maldives. Talk about media ethics. Even if Minivan news does not publish this I will sure as hell find a way to tell people about this.

  2. Just advice? My foot!

    Even the KGB gives such 'advice' before eliminating their targets.

  3. Minister I was told by an old friend he has got a HD version of your first movie!! Also when are you geting the 4th Jariyaa? Its told by grapevine that you share your current Jariyaas with Afeef and Boss! as boss is cross with Mariya! cheers mate!

  4. Badr NAseer, there's loads and loads to talk about him and some few others, ....... his explanation is that noone is sending any complaints to the MBC... what a looney,... if for some reason maybe it maybe the deteriorating age or maybe coz badr plan stupid, MBC IS SUPPOSE TO MONITOR THE MEDIA.... U D***** A**.
    MBC is not the police neither the are courts, to wait for complaints,.....

    this is the level of mentality of these thasmeen and maumoonee goons when they are placed at positions like this....

    speaking of thasmeen, both share a heavenly island where they enjoy picnics and booze parties when they take time out......

    or and theres still more.... next comment will be with evidence....

  5. Under Section 28 of the Maldivian Constitution (Freedom of the media)"Everyone has the right to freedom of the press, and other means of communication, including the right to
    espouse, disseminate and publish news, information, views and ideas. No person shall be compelled to disclose the source of any information that is espoused, disseminated or published by that person."

    However a despot government such as this Nasheed does not heed the law and will do everything to control freedom.

  6. Freedom of expression is a basic human right. Where is Nasheed heading revoking human rights? A dictatorship????

  7. Oh pleeeeeeeeze! Do you seriously want me to translate your "advice" and email it to the International media? That was no advice it was a threat. A threat followed by action I may add.

  8. Hon Minister did you choose only one particular channel on a one particular night because Ive seen MNBC broadcasting worse editted such programes. Shame on you.

    The only thing I can see on you is even holding a minister's post you are still acting same as the naughty boy Adil in Majeediyya grade 10.

  9. Government apologists now are similar to government apologists then.

    So-called champions of democracy and enlightened individuals have shown their bias and vested interest in supporting the government. They should be ashamed of their long-winded posts and now-obvious use of human rights language and meaningless rhetoric to justify what is now becoming clear to be a personal stake in the government.

    People like Salim Waheed should fetch the proverbial bolaa foshaa and don it on so tight that they cannot hear themselves speak the nonsense they are spouting to support their own personal interests.

  10. leaving the threat apart, someone tell me how to implement the 'advice', to monitor the media if EVEN YOU DONT HAVE THE MEAN TO DO IT. First acknowledging that governemnt have not given the MEANS to do it and then asking to do it any way. May be he is asking to do it out of the chart like what government is doing now......a big joke

  11. Transport Ministry can and MUST say whatever is necessary to protect our already fragile media. Media is reporting false information without considering to even check if its true or not.

    But showing LIVE on TV when its not a LIVE program shows how dishonest VTV and DhiTV is. I wish someone donate champa Uchchu a new sarong.

  12. broadcasters license states that they should not be a mouth piece of a political party...what are dhitv and vtv doing? their license shud be cancelled. mdp also has rallies and demonstrations...y arent they covering my argument have been backed. pls mbc do the needful and get some courage to do so

  13. Eki faadu ge film kulhuvvaafa thibi beyfulhun communications minister kan kuranveema vaane hatharethi thivanee

  14. Communications Minister's track record shows that he is qualified to advice others perhaps only in one filed - producing cheap pornoraphic material with his spouse.


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