Sri Lanka to ban visa on arrivals for all except Singapore, Maldives

Sri Lanka will withdraw visa-on-arrival facilities in August for all visitors to the country except those from Singapore or the Maldives.

Foreigners wishing to visit Sri Lanka will be required to pay for a visa online, or visit a Sri Lankan mission.

A statement from the Sri Lankan government said tourists without internet access would need to apply for visas through private agencies.

The decision has raised concern in Sri Lanka’s booming tourism sector about the potential impact on arrivals.


3 thoughts on “Sri Lanka to ban visa on arrivals for all except Singapore, Maldives”

  1. Maldives should do the same thing. Atleast we can get some money from all these visitors to our country, money which could help our economy a bit. The rich countries charge the poor country nationals visa fee, so why can't we do the same.

  2. I think SriLankans are making a big mistake here. But I know they need some time to mull it over.

    A few days ago, Mr Cucumber has embraced into his angelic-heart to teach the SriLankans, our divine religion. As in every other country, this is as direct as fully declaring war against the country. Prepare for a civil, this time a religious war.

    But SriLankans, need sometime to realize the impact of giving His Holiness, this opportunity. I am sure, once they realize it, Maldivians will not be allowed on their land, with or without visa. But by then, the country would be in ruins.


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