STELCO says new generators may be ready in two weeks

The Maldives’ State Electricity Company (STELCO) has announced that work on its two new generators will be completed in two weeks, Sun Online has reported.

It is anticipated that the installation of these two generators, said to be worth €28 (US$36million), will end the regular power cuts experienced in the capital Male’. The frequency of these cuts has led the company to provide an update service on its website, informing its customers when and where their districts will be without power.

STELCO media coordinator Ibrahim Raoof told Sun that these cuts had come as the current grid is capable of providing 36MW whilst the city requires 39MW. The two new generators will provide an additional 8MW each.

Work on the two generators began in 2009 and had been scheduled to take 18 months. The German and Danish companies responsible for the installation had given May 20 as the date for completion.

Raoof told Sun that if technical problems continue, this new deadline may also be pushed back.