‘Sun Travel’ Shiyam says World Bank cannot give any more money to Maldives

MP for Meedhoo constituency Ahmed ‘Sun Travel’ Shiyam has informed the Majlis that, after meeting with a representative of the World Bank, he was told that no additional money could be provided to the Maldives, reports Sun Online.

“The reason given by him is that Maldivian citizens are being forced to cope with political unrest and danger. He said that Maldivians are in dismay, and that investors are apprehensive about investing in Maldives,” he said.

Shiyam was reported in local media as telling the Majlis that investor confidence was being negatively affected by the country’s politics.

Sun reported Shiyam as saying that more attention should be given to the opinions of foreigners in the Maldives affairs and that new faces were needed on the political scene.


4 thoughts on “‘Sun Travel’ Shiyam says World Bank cannot give any more money to Maldives”

  1. Hahahahaahaha

    Back to square one again....

    Grovel by the Arabs. May be they will lend us a 100 dollars.

  2. MP for Meedhoo????? Which atoll Meedhoo MP is that. Tired of reading these kind of incomplete halfhearted news briefs and reports.

    Dhaalu Meedhoo
    Seenu Meedhoo
    Raa Meedhoo
    Laamu Meedhoo

  3. There may be many islands called Meedhoo, but there is only one constituency called Meedhoo Constituency


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