Mother of former Environment Minister sues police for damage to house during Nasheed’s arrest

Mother of former Environment Minister Mohamed Aslam, Rasheedha Mohamed, has sued police for damage caused to her house by police officers during the raid to arrest former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Speaking to Minivan News, Aslam confirmed his mother had filed a case at the Fares-Mathoda Magistrate Court, alleging police had disrespected the privacy of their house as guaranteed to all citizens in the constitution.

‘’It is not about the amount of money to compensate for the damage, it has all got to do with the procedure they applied to arrest Nasheed,’’ Aslam said.

‘’I was on the doorstep when the police officers arrived. They showed me the warrant issued by the court to arrest Nasheed and I told them to wait there while I passed the message to him,’’ Aslam explained.

‘’But they followed me inside and started searching all over, breaking doors and calling Nasheed to come out from his room,’’ Aslam said. ‘’It would have been right for them to use excessive force if they had let me forward the message to Nasheed and Nasheed had refused to come out.’’

Aslam said had Nasheed refused to come out, police could have asked his mother’s permission to enter the house to arrest a person as ordered to do so by the court.

He also said that police asked Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Mohamed Nazim to open the toilet door while he was inside.

‘’Nazim told the officers that it was him but officers demanded to open the door and he did open the door. Then a while later they broke the toilet door while he was inside,’’ he said.

Following allegations made against police after the arrest of Nasheed, police issued a statement that day claiming that police officers followed professional standards in arresting Nasheed.

In the statement, police said they initially requested Nasheed hand himself over to the police. According to police, officers broke down the door of the room Nasheed was in and detained him after he failed to respond to their initial commands. The statement claimed that this is the general course of action used by police in similar situations.

The police denied that any officers used offensive language or that any physical or that psychological trauma was caused to anyone during the arrest.


11 thoughts on “Mother of former Environment Minister sues police for damage to house during Nasheed’s arrest”

  1. That was obvious from the videos. Oh wait they were doctored. the only correct version was the reporter dubbed version of rajje TV (the free and independent voice of all Maldivians). My GOD these people are blind and deaf. They make Abu Lahab look like a saint.

  2. True police was dumb enough to release an edited video leaving out the parts where you can see them forcing themselves into the house and push Aslam on to a table, and where the broken door is very visible in the toilet. This video comes out after the first unedited video had been seen, the stupidity of the police for acting like this when there are dozens of cameras around is just mind boggling.

  3. "No one shall be above the law"..These are the words usually used by the PPM thugs when they post comments here.. Be it police or Traitor Waheed. Justice to mother of Aslam. We are not in a state of war to break doors and glasses. POLICE ARE ABOVE THE LAWS NOW.. Who will listen???

  4. Refusing to cooperate with police who were in the act of enforcing a court order amounts to aiding and abetting in a crime.

    Any damage that follows is not a responsibility of the State.

    Aslam and his mother should be grateful that they do not live in an efficient democratic state. They would have been promptly charged and brought to trial themselves elsewhere in the world.

  5. tsk I hear the court which released the order to arrest Nasheed was unconstitutional.. Police don't have to comply with orders issued by unconstitutionally established courts.

  6. Come on, POLICE and MNDF will never harm no one or anything. Thats all organized by President Nasheed. Adhi 'Qairu Qanoonee' order akahves kiyamaneh nuvaane........

  7. Any court or institution formed in the Maldives is not unconstitutional until and unless the Supreme Court decides on its constitutionality.

    The Supreme Court would do well to make this decision as soon as possible. If indeed the Hulhumale Magistrate Court is declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court then it cannot continue as it is now.

    However at the moment there is no such decision. So any order issued by the court is issued under the authority of a judge appointed by Maldivian law to a court formed by a legal institution. So police are duty bound to enforce any such court order.

    We cannot point fingers at someone or something and act on our accusations without waiting for a court of law to decide on the validity of our accusations.

    Innocent until proven guilty is one of the basics of democracy. It is too bad that your hero Nasheed does not believe in it. Then he clearly does not support democracy. He just knows how to make you lick his boots.

  8. "Refusing to cooperate with police who were in the act of enforcing a court order amounts to aiding and abetting in a crime." -tsk tsk

    I suppose sitting in your toilet is now 'aiding and abetting a crime'?.

    Also, what crime? Ordering an investigation into the actions of a child abuser is not a crime.

  9. Oh so Nasheed was ordering investigations into pedophiles locked up in a room in Fares Maathoda?

    My mistake. I thought he was merely trying to avoid a subpoena.


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