Suspect in 2007 Sultan Park bombing arrested after arriving from Pakistan

A man placed on Interpol’s wanted list following the Sultan Park bombing of 2007 was arrested on Sunday after arriving in the Maldives on a flight from Pakistan, local media has reported.

Abdul Latheef Ibrahim, 29, was one of 16 men against whom terrorism charges were laid. Ten of these men fled the country, whilst three were sentenced to an initial fifteen years before having their sentences commuted to three year suspended sentences.

The bomb blast at Sultan Park – a major tourist attraction in the capital located in front of the Islamic Centre – was triggered using a mobile phone and washing machine motor attached to a gas cylinder.

The attack injured 12 tourists, including eight from China, two from Britain and two from Japan.


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  1. The bombs that the current politicians are using are far worse to the nation, than this one.


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