Taliban true to Islamic Ideology, claims Pakistani Tourism Minister

Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Tourism has said that the Taliban truly represent Islamic ideology, resulting in their vilification by the United States of America, according to local media reports in the country.

Maulana Attaur Rehman was reported by the Pakistan-based newspaper Dawn to have made the claims at a public gathering in the country this week, claiming terrorism cannot be defeated unless the US and the world gave respect and equal rights to “the muslims”.

Rehman is a member of Pakistan’s Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam political party, the newspaper adds.

“Ulema and Taliban are the true followers of Islamic ideology and America is the biggest terrorist of the world, which is creating hatred against them,” said Rehman.

“It is a misconception that ulema and Taliban are against coexistence of people with different religions, in fact it is America which is against the interfaith harmony to maintain its hegemony on the world,” he added.


4 thoughts on “Taliban true to Islamic Ideology, claims Pakistani Tourism Minister”

  1. Unprovoked killings cannot be justified and can never be an act of a Muslim.

    Bombing places can only be an act of ignorance and not adherence to Islam.

  2. Which accounts for the resounding success of
    Pakistan, a country at constant war with it's neighbors and friend to drugs scum and terrorists. Ex tourism minister you say?

  3. His comments about the Taliban ideology and Islam are accurate. The Koran strongly supports violence against non-muslims and encourages that women be treated as less human than men.

    All religions are insane, islam just more than most other.


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