Ten arrested on suspicion of attacking police officers

Ten suspects have been arrested on suspicion of multiple attacks on police officers, including one female officer this week, Superintendent of Police Ahmed Mohamed told reporters on Wednesday.

Mohamed noted that one male and a female officer was attacked around 11:30pm on Tuesday night while patrolling the street near Nalahiya Hotel.

The assailants struck the female officer at the rib cage and sexually assaulted her while the male officer suffered bruises to head, Mohamed said. Not soon after the incident, another policeman on duty was attacked as well, he added.

All received treatment for the injuries and was released the same night.

Meanwhile, another policeman was also attacked while at his home in Male’ on Wednesday night, Mohamed noted, adding that he escaped the attack without any injuries.

Mohamed observed that a strict investigation will be conducted into the attacks. Details on the suspects were not released.

However he condemned the attacks and added that violence against police will not be tolerated and advised the youth to refrain from such crime.