Thasmeen to stick with Nasheed in re-scheduled poll

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) Leader Ahmed Thasmeen Ali has today announced his intention to maintain his new alliance with the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) going into the re-scheduled presidential elections.

After running as the vice-presidential candidate on the ticket of incumbent President Dr Mohamed Waheed, Thasmeen and his DRP announced their decision to support Mohamed Nasheed in the scheduled run-off just days after Waheed received just 5% of the popular vote.

“I believe that it would be an irresponsible and cowardly act to back away from doing what must be done to ensure that democracy is upheld in this country due to some words I might have said in the past. And therefore, tonight I assure all of you that DRP will do everything we possibly can to help Nasheed win these elections,” Thasmeen told an MDP rally one week after the first poll.

Despite the Supreme Court’s decision to annul the first round of voting, Thasmeen told local media today of his intention to continue his MDP alliance.

Waheed has yet to announce if he will run as a candidate in the upcoming election – with the first round to be held by October 20.


2 thoughts on “Thasmeen to stick with Nasheed in re-scheduled poll”

  1. Should 5% bother running again? Nah, don't bother. 5 - 50 % plus would really be delusional and no one not even the most ignorant person is going to buy that one (they have bought enough stories already). Any US backers should take note of this: Maldivians really aren't as backward as you may assume. Anyway our "Mr statesmanlike President" should be content with his year of glory topped by that entry into the Guinness Book of Records. What a puppet show. What a farce.At least all this has lead to a rich vein of jokes including white pants and black crows - and how can we forget - coconuts! Maldivian style humour - the ultimate survival tool;)

  2. Thas is a waste and history in the politics now.

    Thas can lick Nasheed a-- and no one will bother and he won't even get elected as MP in the next year.


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