Three arrested in Addu with suspected narcotics

Police have arrested three persons possessing suspected narcotics in Addu City.

According to local media the three were arrested on suspicion of possesing 42 packets of illegal narcotics.

Media reports that one individual was arrested while he was on his motorbike.

The other two have been arrested in a separate case.


2 thoughts on “Three arrested in Addu with suspected narcotics”

  1. Trying to prevent muslims from taking drugs is like trying to prevent global warming............its impossible.
    The drugs issue seems to be a taboo subject in all islamic countries. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan all have serious problems with their pious muslims getting high on Afghani and Columbian products. With intravenous drugtaking on the increase in muslim countries, the scary spectre of AIDS looms on the horizon.
    Under the circumstances, opening up a few wine shops, casinos and massage parlours seems like a good idea. Your Dr Bari will throw a hissy fit reading this.

  2. Drugs are OK. During the 6th century, while the rest of world has progressed, the goat herders of Arabia were still on the hunter-gatherer era.

    When the revelations were passed down, to The goat-herder, while on a hallucination fit, God did not know Drugs would exist a few years after.

    Hence Drugs were not banned. So we allow it here as well.


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