Second victim of link road accident dies

A second victim of a motorcycle accident in southern Addu City died while undergoing treatment in India last night.

Ahmed Sammah, 20, suffered severe head injuries in the accident on Addu City’s link road on April 1o.

Mamdhoon Ahmed Ali Didi ‘Mandey,’ who was sitting on the back seat of Sammah’s bike died within a few hours of the accident. He had also suffered severe head injuries.

Sammah was treated at the Hithadhoo Regional Hospital and Malé’s Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital before he was flown to India on April 12.

The accident occurred when Sammah attempted to overtake a car.

His death is the third fatality in Addu this month. A 16-year-old victim of an accident died of injuries on March 30 while undergoing treatment at the regional hospital.

Hussein Hilmy, an Addu City councillor, said more police officers are needed to effectively control traffic.

However, police said most accidents in Addu City were caused by speeding rather than traffic congestion.