Three DRPS staff summoned in ongoing Gaamaadhoo bones investigation

Three staff from the Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Service (DPRS) have been summoned to the President’s Office for questioning amid an investigation launched this week into the disappearance of files concerning bones found at the former Gaamaadhoo prison site.

Copies of the documents stored with police also went missing, but were found after several days of searching. The original kept with the DRPS is still missing, the Home Ministry has said, expressing concern that the investigation maybe have been tampered with.

Haveeru reported today that the three staff summoned were secretarial, and included two women and a man.

President Mohamed Nasheed announced on October 10 last year that DNA tests in Thailand had revealed that human bones discovered on the island a year before matched the age and estimated period of death of Abdulla Anees, Vaavu Keyodhoo Bashigasdhosuge, an inmate officially declared missing in the 1980s.

A senior source in the President’s Office told Minivan News that following the President’s announcement, police had been asked to investigate the disappearance of Abdulla Anees in light of the discovery of the bones.

“People want to see justice for what happened,” the source said. “Human remains were discovered and there is a strong reason to believe that something bad happened. However it looks like the investigation has been compromised.”

Amin Faisal, Dr Ahmed Ali Sawad and Mohamed Shafeeq were this week tasked by the President with investigating the case of the missing files, “as this disappearance points to a deliberate attempt to hide evidence to obstruct an ongoing investigation.