MP involved in illegal drug business is attempting to frame me: Umar Naseer

Additional reporting by Mariyath Mohamed

Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) presidential primary candidate Umar Naseer has claimed that an MP involved in the illegal drug business is attempting to “frame” him.

Speaking at a rally on Friday night (March 15), Naseer claimed that the unnamed MP had tried to ruin his reputation by sending police into his offices looking for contraband.

On Saturday night (March 16), Naseer then posted on both his Facebook and Twitter page that someone had tried to frame him “but I was not in the car I was delivering a speech in Miladhoo”.

Asked what Naseer was referring to, a police source told Minivan News today that a bottle of alcohol had been found in a car belonging to Naseer’s wife when searched by police yesterday.

“Last night the driver of the car had parked after there had been some sort of accident caused by someone on the back seat.

“At that time, the driver found a bottle of alcohol within the car and reported it to the police. We took the driver, questioned him and released him,” the source claimed.

Speaking in regard to the alcohol allegedly found in the car, Police Spokesperson Chief Inspector Hassan Haneef confirmed that a bottle had been found and the case was still under investigation.

“We received a report from a driver of a vehicle stating that there was a bottle of alcohol in the car. Police went to the car, searched it and took the vehicle,” Haneef said.

Last week, Naseer had posted on social media that he had received “intel” that an attempt would be made to assassinate his character by planting drugs in one of his offices.

Speaking in front of a giant display of a mosque set up for his campaign on Friday, Naseer said that he did not partake in acts involving illegal drugs.

“A serving parliament member who is involved in the illegal drug business is attempting to frame me.

“He tried to ruin my reputation by sending police to my business offices in the pretence of looking for illegal substances. I do not get involved in such acts,” he claimed.

Despite Naseer’s claims, when Minivan News asked Police Spokesperson Chief Inspector Hassan Haneef on Tuesday whether police had searched his offices, Haneef denied they had.

“I will not name the MP, I do not need to name him here. He is trying to hide the relations he has with gangs and his involvement in the illegal drug business,” Naseer claimed.

“If I, Umar Naseer, get elected, MPs cannot hide behind their privileges act and run illegal activities. I will take legal action against them,” he added.

Both Umar Naseer and Abdulla Yameen are currently campaigning to win the PPM’s presidential candidate slot for the upcoming presidential elections to be held in September this year.

People say Yameen bathes in mineral water: Umar Naseer

Speaking to crowds at the artificial beach in Male’ on Friday, Naseer claimed that “unlike Yameen” he is an ordinary citizen and not related to former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

In regard to Abdulla Yameen – who is also contending in the PPM presidential primary – Naseer claimed that his fellow contender plays “80 percent in defence”.

“We heard our brother MP [Ahmed] Nihan speaking at Yameen’s campaign rally. All he did was try to denounce what the public says about Yameen.

“Nihan said that although people allege Yameen has ties with gangs and gang violence it is not true. He then said that although people say Yameen even bathes with mineral water, that isn’t true either,” Naseer stated.

In response to the PPM presidential primary candidate’s claims, a spokesperson for Abdulla Yameen’s ‘Yageen’ campaign team told local media on Saturday that Naseer had made slanderous and “blatantly untruthful” statements about Yameen during the rally.

The spokesperson, PPM MP Shifaq Mufeed, said that the purpose of such statements was to damage Yameen’s credibility amongst his supporters.

Umar Naseer was not responding to calls from Minivan News at time of press.


10 thoughts on “MP involved in illegal drug business is attempting to frame me: Umar Naseer”

  1. If a bottle of alcohol is found in the backset of a car belong to Umar Naseer's wife, then it's classed as an "accident involving alcohol".

    If it was in anyone else's car, they'd have been charged with the consumption of alcohol or possession of illegal substances.

    Justice, Maldives' style...

  2. @Suvadheeb: And if it had been found in an MDP person's car, the police wouldn't have wasted any time creating a media circus over it then classifying it as a conspiracy to propagate and sell alcohol in this country and turn into a haven for drug addicts, Jews and Christians.

    Justice, Maldives style indeed!

  3. If Umar has inside information about an MP being involved in such serious matters (drug trafficking is very serious) I believe that the public has a right to know.

    Drug trafficking has damaged the lives of thousands of Maldivian children. If an MP is involved, it is not a private matter like one's lifestyle choices (who has sex with who, personal drug use or drinking etc...) it is a matter everyone has the right to know about.

    Umar you know Islam better than I do, so you should know better than me that you have a duty to tell the Public what you know. On such a serious issue, the public has a right to know.

    We have a right to know who is destroying our children. We MUST know Umar, as we need to stop it. You have a duty to protect our children Umar.

    You will be answerable to Allah if you do not tell us who it is!

  4. IF this was found in a MDP person Car, then it would have been pure water ? If it was found while drinking by Nasheed, it would have been ZAm ZAM water just imported ?

    Fili Nasheed is then biggest traitor on earth and he is the man who is spoiling the parliament and he is the man who is running our nation .

    All these is doing just for his personal interest and gain.

    This guy is living such a luxury life and earning huge amount of money through his business and he is keeping all the robbed money during his presidency in Singapore under his family and friends name .

    This guy is a crook

  5. We all know who Umar refers to. There is only two powerful MP's in the Majlis who have connexions to the drug barons and under world. One is Yameen and the second is his deeputy Jangiya Naazim

  6. @ kuribee... woa where are you from? We are currently on earth. You can come down now.. did you read the heading? this is not about any way...i have read your comments from time to time and it seems your family or a frnd lost quiet a huge some of money or a sentence which was imposed by or from nasheed administration. if your are from kuribeege in Male' i think i know what. Just to give you a head on..

    @ ben plewright. I have never agreed with any one more than i am agreeing with you on this. if umar knows this, it is his social, religious obligation to tell us; the people of Maldives who this guy is. so that the mass of people will not be voting for the person responsible for the drug addicted sons and daughters in our nation.

    He says he is an islamic icon. i man to be followed. if so, he should not hide such a thing and we as the people of maldives cannot trust a leader or even an MP who will hide such an information from the society. A society torn by the abuse of drugs of different sorts. We need to know... to hate and to judge.. if you are afraid of your life to speak the truth, then you are not fit for the civil war broken country.

  7. We know that.. Since 1996... we know a lot of other stuff too.. but knowing has no effect on democratic laws.. we need facts,, facts hidden with the help of the judiciary, the police and the legislation. you think pple in PPM dont know? they do.... A guy like umar knows and has facts,,.. but i doubt he will speak.. you see, umar will not spill a name.. no way. the day he gives the name, I vote for him.. which is the second closest thing to impossible. Also there is a lot more secrets between the political figures of Maldives which binds them in more than one way. If Umar talks, then the other bird starts to sing and then the other,, until....u know the rest

  8. intimidation... forced literature.... at each other.. political rape case.. good tactics


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