Transparency Maldives reveals details of election day observation mission

Transparency Maldives has today confirmed it will be fielding the only nation-wide domestic elections observation mission for this Saturday’s Majlis elections.

The mission will comprise of over 300 trained observers and volunteers, spanning all 20 atolls and foreign countries hosting ballot boxes for the country’s second multi-party parliamentary elections.

In addition to election day efforts,  Transparency will be conducting long-term election observation in order to ensure that the pre-election is free from obstructions, and that voters can make an informed choice without undue influence.

Transparency Maldives’ long-term observer network has been functional since 1 March 2014.

“Though the pre-election environment is largely peaceful, Transparency Maldives has identified vote buying, allegations of abuse of authority and state resources, and the lack of political financing transparency as major issues of concern through the long term observation,” read the press release.

Transparency will be releasing a press statement on the opening of polls on the afternoon of election day, as well as a statement on the closing and counting of ballots the following day.

A final report on the findings with recommendations will be published within a month of the polls.