“Religious obligation” to bar Nasheed from upcoming election: Home Minister Dr Jameel

Additional Reporting by Mohamed Naahii

Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has claimed it is a religious obligation to bar former President Mohamed Nasheed from contesting the upcoming presidential elections, scheduled to take place on September 7.

Speaking at a rally held by Progressive Party of Maldives’ (PPM) presidential primary candidate Abdulla Yameen on Saturday (March 9), Jameel accused Nasheed of being a “coward” who ran away after resigning from power, adding that he no longer had the courage to lead the country.

Highlighting Nasheed’s recent stay in the Indian High Commission, Jameel stated that “it was a shame that Nasheed fled when he was supposed to face justice,” before claiming that he would not give the opportunity for someone like Nasheed to come to power.

“Nasheed of Canaryge does not have any chance to come to power. We would not give that chance [to him]. That is something we ought to do. It is both a national and a religious Farḍ (obligation),” he said.

According to local media, the Home Minister stated that “if we complete that task,” God would grant success to those leaders in the upcoming presidential election.

Jameel claimed the country had fallen into a “deep mess” in almost all areas, adding that the country is desperate for a determined leader who can revive the economy.

He contended that Nasheed did not have the qualities the country was expecting from its future leader.

“Unlike Nasheed, President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom whom Nasheed is saying that he would beat easily, had the courage to appear before police for questioning when he was called in,” Jameel said.

He argued that anyone other than Nasheed possesses courage to face law and justice.

Jameel – a former Justice Minister under President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s 30 year autocracy – has previously expressed urgency in concluding Nasheed’s trial before the upcoming elections.

In January, Jameel told local media that it was “crucial to conclude the case against Nasheed before the approaching presidential elections, in the interests of the nation and to maintain peace in it.”

“Every single day that goes by without the case being concluded contributes to creating doubt in the Maldivian people’s minds about the judiciary,” the home minister said at the time.

In January 2012, Jameel – who served as vice president of Dhivehi Quamee Party (DQP) – was questioned by police after Nasheed’s government accused DQP of attempting to incite religious hatred.

A pamphlet released by the DQP called on the public to “rise up and defend Islam”, whilst accusing Nasheed’s government of “operating under the influence of Jews and Christian priests”.

Home Minister Mohamed Jameel Ahmed was not responding to calls from Minivan News at time of press.

Maldives must curb external interference in its internal affairs

Also speaking at the rally on Saturday (March 9), half-brother to former President Gayoom, Abdulla Yameen, claimed that there was no need to allow “outside influence” in the internal affairs of the country.

The PPM presidential primary candidate said that should he be elected, he would protect the independence and sovereignty of the Maldives against the most powerful of nations.

Yameen’s comments come after Nasheed sought refuge in the Indian High Commission in Male’ last month.

For 11 days the former President stayed inside the high commission building, subsequently avoiding a trial hearing at Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court.

The international community has since called for free, fair and inclusive presidential elections in the Maldives.

Earlier this month Nasheed, who exited the Indian High Commission on February 23, was detained by police and produced at Hulhumale’ court, despite an alleged “understanding” between India and Maldives that he would be able to compete in the upcoming elections.

Nasheed is facing criminal charges over the controversial detention of Chief Judge of Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed during the last days of his presidency.

Speaking at the campaign rally, Yameen criticised the Prosecutor General’s (PG) statement made on March 7, which stated that the PG did not object to delaying the trial until presidential elections scheduled for later this year are over.

“The PG is not entirely an independent individual. The PG becomes independent when he executes his responsibilities in accordance with these procedures. The PG cannot say that he has no reservations in delaying Nasheed’s trial for four weeks.

“The PG cannot say for instance that it is alright to put off the trial after the elections. This is something that the PG cannot say,” Yameen was quoted as saying in local media.

Yameen stated that an impartial trial against Nasheed must be held for his actions, and that any other presidential candidate should be held liable for their actions at any given time.

“Why can’t the foreign ambassadors accept the fact that anyone [competing for the Presidential elections] who violates the law must be disqualified.

“We also might fail to meet the criteria. In such a society it is possible for us to violate an individual’s right. If so even I must spend the day in court. How can Nasheed be an exception,” local newspaper Haveeru quoted Yameen as saying.


26 thoughts on ““Religious obligation” to bar Nasheed from upcoming election: Home Minister Dr Jameel”

  1. I don't where Dr.Jameel studied Political since this has be a Public opinion,one day he will say he like put Naseed on election and show him he get defeated in election.

    The next days he says a defendant thing non of these things are meant in the religion and the majority of the people here are against the coup. break violence after the coup and many of the youth change with terrorism.

    The man still looking to arrest more people by violating the election.this want so easy during election with out President Naseend the vote box may have wing to fly.

  2. Jameel is right. After all the five pillars of Islam include barring nasheed from contesting.

  3. Islam, Islam and more Islam is what we need. I told you so, even earlier.

    Long live Maldivian Islam.

    Home Minister Dr Jameel will go straight to heaven, and enjoy the company of a hundred beautiful virgins for ever.

    Down with Kafir MDP Nasheed.

    We need a few more people like Jameel in the Maldives.

    He is intelligent and brave.

  4. Jameel is hundred times better than Fili Nasheed.

    Nasheed himself asked to speedup his trial and when Judiciary speedup this idiot ask them to postpone until 2018?

    I wonder who is then real extremist in this country? It can not be any other people than Nasheed,.

    Nasheed had double standards in all his dealing and affairs and he does not know how to tell a single truth without adding any spice to it.

  5. MDP has enough capable Islamic scholars and they should tour the country spreading Allah's message that electing any member of the Kaamineege family to office is against Islam and will be considered a Shirk on the Day of Judgement.

    Furthermore, the scholars must also distribute the message that Munafiq's like Jameel and his mate Saeed must be shunned and that's a duty bound on all Muslims.

    This game can be played by everyone. Islam as a political tool is there for everyone to use. Let the games begin.

  6. Jameel is coward. Bondibai is all he eats. Bondibai in his brain so he talk rubbish. Fili Nasheed is 100 times better than Jameel. I hate both. Bondibai Jameel is traitor because he said bad things against Maumoon. All Muslims must stay awyy from Bondibai Jameel who come from Foah Mulah. This guy islander with small brain. No good to lead country.

  7. Wouldn't this be considered kufr? Funny how muslims in general have no idea what they are talking about. Must be the constant inbreeding which takes place in islamic countries.

  8. Comment from "Michael Fahmy" above is so funny. I wonder how this theory of 100 beautiful virgins, that has already damaged the lives of Pak / Afghan, get entry into the liberal and peaceful nation like Maldives. Now I think conflict between the pure & kafir will silently start in Maldives as well. Life in Maldives or any other nation will be decided by how logical thinking people possess and how logical decisions their leaders take in future.

  9. Nasheed is idiot in Maldives only because he is a man of democracy. Democracy is totally the opposite of Islamism a fascist ideology. Anyone who has a slightest knowledge about the Islam would know that it is a political movement, with dangerous ideology to rule the world by enslaving common man to believe a god who has created human being to be his slaves. Maldives lacks intellectual capacity to free them from this vicious fascism; it is ruled with scare tactics of death and the promise of life after death. The common people don’t have the ability to overcome the fear of hell indoctrinated from childhood. The average Maldivan is abused in childhood with hellfire and they are psychologically unfit to accept anything that is democratic.

    Nashee’s rhetoric is always based on democracy and for the ear of common Maldivian anything that has democratic value is rubbish and idiotic.

    Some people have so much hatred to Nasheed and become impossible for them to rationalize Naseed’s action from political point of view. Nasheed has requested to speed up his trial in a strategic move in order to expose his opponent’s agenda to bar him from election. Now everything is exposed and it is obvious that people like Jameel are hell bent to stop Nasheed from participating in the race. It is now for Nasheed to do his best to stop the so called Nasheed’s trial proceeding if he wants to participate in the race.

    Though Jameel wears tie with Kafir costume, he is inside a Mullah with Thailibanist education and intellectually inferior like Taliban who cannot contain his animalistic instinct “ Kill the enemy to survive” .

  10. Mullah Jameel, thank you for your most recent Fatwa. Your Fatwa is truly illuminating. You should also bring out another Fatwa prohibiting others with contrary views from proclaiming Fatwas.

  11. Religion is not politics, so what obligation is this idiot referring to?

    Where are the religious zealots on this subject, they normally rant and rave about MPs stating it is not for them to question relgious meanings?

    This guy is running scared because next time round Nasheed will not follow South Africa's example of reconciliation, but will punish the corrupt coup members for their crimes.

  12. This guy seems to be way beyond kufr!
    I am quiet sure that he is being had!

  13. Root of all evil is personifide in Jamerl. He is scared of Nasheed and democracy.

  14. Jameel, how can you call yourself a muslim and be so unafraid as you speak so many lies and protect criminals? How can we believe you are a muslim when you so blatantly go against the word of Allah. Character assasination, lies, distortion of truth, fraud,hypocricy, and persecution of those who seek justice. That you can sleep at night demonstrates your disconnection with Allah.

    Please stop using the word Islam in your speeches, it is an insult to those who respect and practise Islam.

    You, Jameel are a disgrace to our country. London School of Economics should revoke your degree and investigate who actually wrote your thesis.

    I suppose we should expect a temper tantrum and a rant and rave from this man after this comment.

  15. “Why can’t the foreign ambassadors accept the fact that anyone [competing for the Presidential elections] who violates the law must be disqualified."

    So it's against the law to prosecute child abusers in Maldives. Right from the horse's mouth, folks.

  16. Wherever there is Islam we find intolerence and hatred. But whenever someone says anything against Islam he or she becomes an Islamphobic. No body talks about chritianphobia, Jewsphobia, Hinduphobia and Budhistphobia in Islamic countries. Moreover, whenever something goes wrong in any Islamic countries it is time to blame the west or it is because people are not following the full Sharia.

    I tell you this is a kind of mental disorder and there will be no end to this. Muslims are the real victims of this madness and there will be no peace as long as this continues.

  17. Jameel is an A hole. Why does this guy talk in dhivehi as if he is reciting quran? to show that he read few pages of quran? oh come on... shit face.. i hate everythn about him,,, how he walks, he talks, he looks, he behaves...hes like that piece that just fell inside the toilet from your ass... a shit face

  18. Nasheed is the biggest traitor to the nation. We gave him the post and he could stay and this idiot does not have the capacity to be a leader. Idiot can only organize crimes and do things on the road and can not do things within the laws.

    Nasheed does not know the democracy and that is why he lost his job. Eiether the guy does not know or he only want to show his muscle to make people to bow thier heads to him? I do not know for what reason, the guy ruled the country for three years like a dictator.

    The guy gathered all power under his arms and his cabinet was just a puppet and no one had any authority during his regime,

    Fili Nasheed is only good at damaging our isamic values and democratic values.

    Fili Nasheed is good at some foreign people knowing his weakness and knowing that the guy can be bought so easy to get those foreigners interest implemented in this country.

  19. Kuribee. You are beginning to amuse me as much as your former self Modi. I have never known anyone with such an excellent monopoly over nitwittery and that is why you are such an asset for MDP and Nasheed. Please continue! In fact I have started negotiation with NDP to get you a little stipend for the voluntary work you do on our behalf.

    “Nasheed did not know the democracy’ –which democracy are you referring to? Kuribee- I think you have confused us again, and at the same time revealed to the world (once again) that you really have no idea of what you are talking about. Unlike you Kuribee, we are not mind readers and you may need to be just a little bit more careful about the syntax.

    “The guy gathered all power under his arm and his cabinet was just a puppet.’ I get that and I was really congratulating your powerful reasoning skills there Kuribee, but alas, you contradict yourself in the same sentence by saying that ‘no one had any authority during his regime’. Come on Kuribee! If Nasheed had gathered all the power under his arm (something of a strange metaphor, but I am happy to along to go along with that) at least one person, ie Nasheed, had some authority in that government. So what am I to believe Kuribee?

    ‘Nasheed is only good at damaging our Islamic values and democratic values.’ I am sorry to tell you that I do happen to know a little bit about Islam and democracy. I think you are on the wrong track again. You are talking about the type of Islam that you hear about from people who are embittered and unable to come to terms with the fact that the world is changing. I know that anyone who says anything against this type of misery-ridden, fear-driven, male-dominated Islamist view- points are immediately accused of Islamophobia, but hey! I really don’t care. So here it is.

    My belief in Islam is soundly based on the beginnings of a religion that freed slaves, that allowed women to fight along-side men, and spoke against the murder of female children. In other words it empowered ordinary people and did a great deal to emancipate those who were the victims of the then existing society. This I see as the true value of Islam, not the self-centred, patriarchal crap that your friends are spewing out. I can’t help but think that the popularity of MDP and Nasheed’s is simply based on their commitment to empower the ordinary people and to work against a system that abuses them. Isn’t that the true value of Islam, rather than the modern focus on hiding behind dogma that has been subsequently developed to safe guard male superiority?

    And about democracy. Democracy is many things to many people Kuribee, but fundamentally it is about allowing everyone to participate as equals in society. This may not happen as perfectly as we wish, but that is life. In terms of democratic values, there is no comparison between the previous government and the present one. However much you want to blame Nasheed and MDP, you can’t change history. Nor can you change the present reality.

    But then again, Kuribee. Keep writing! It is highly valuable for us.

  20. It seems kuribee, in a fit of rage and fury, has revealed the true identity of their so-called religion.


    We dont want your isamic values, kuribee. We dont want to be slaves of the maumoon gang. Go blow yourself up in the mountains of Pakistan (not in a marketplace or a mosque. Just blow yourself up. Dont kill innocent muslims.)

  21. check yourself into a mental institution dear, you are going nuts

  22. @Ahmed Bin Addu Bin Suvadheeb the fact that MDP refuses to play this game is what garners them so much respect. To this day the elected president of this country Nasheed has refused to play this religious game. Everyone else seems to love abusing religion to attain their political goals.

  23. Sick society where all politicians want to use abuse religion. MDP wants to bring there own version of suffi Islam promoted by Israel, PPM wants to bring Gayoomism, Jameel and Dr.Hassan wants Pakistani Islam, Dr.Waheed wants to bring his New York Islam. Where is orginal? What does Quran and Sunnah say? Why Nasheed, Gayoom, Yameen, Qasim, Umar, Thasmeen, Adaalath, Waheed silent when it comes to people around their own party boozing?

  24. You know something funny?

    When VTV-educated thugs who can't differentiate between Judaisim, Sufi islam, Sunni islam and Zionism try to look clever.


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