Tsunami warning only for Pacific region after 8.8 Japan quake: Met office

An earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale has hit Japan prompting a tsunami warning to be issued for the Pacific Ocean.

Although the earthquake shook Tokyo, one of the world’s most congested and built-up cities, no fatalities were reported.

The first earthquake occurred 382 kilometres northeast of Tokyo, reported the US Geological Survey.

A tsunami warning was issued for Japan, Taiwan, Russia and the Mariana Islands, while Guam, the Philippines, the Marshall Islands, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Micronesia and Hawaii were placed at a lower warning level.

Hussein Waheed from the Maldives Department of Meteorology confirmed that a tsunami warning was issued for the Pacific ocean a minute after the earthquake had struck. No warning had been issued for the Indian Ocean region, he said.

The 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that followed a quake off the coast of Indonesia killed 83 people in the Maldives and displaced over 20,000. Worldwide, more than 220,000 people were killed.

The structure of the Maldives and the sharp drop-off of the atolls protected the Maldives the brunt of the 2004 tsunami, unlike the gradual gradient of the coast of southern Sri Lanka which allowed the waves to gather power and momentum.


9 thoughts on “Tsunami warning only for Pacific region after 8.8 Japan quake: Met office”

  1. Well. That is bound to happen. Any god-fearing one will know.

    Islamic ministry had earlier issued a statement condemning Haitians, when they suffered the earth quake.

    NZ suffered last month, because the city had an anti-Islamic name. Christ Church.

    And now Japan, and pacific rim.

    Just like Pompei, City of Lut, etc. Centuries earlier.

    God just don't like them.

    I wait for our Islamic Scholars statement on this one. They know.

  2. Those Japanese guys will rebuild in a matter of months, if not weeks - further embarrassing Maldives, who STILL have people living in temporary shelters... more than half a decade after the 2004 tsunami.

  3. Ahmed you are sad. God has nothing to do with natural disasters. You are an embarassment for all Muslims who think the way you do. Stop being a fanatic. it is no wonder the world is the way it is today, because of idiots like you.

  4. @V on Sat, 12th Mar 2011 2:03 AM

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    you know that God flipped some cities earlier. It was written in Quran as well.

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  7. @ Ahmed 12:09 AM

    Don't panic. Write your own health journal and see how many people listen to you.


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