Two people arrested for engaging in illicit sexual acts

Police have arrested two persons on Tuesday night for engaging in illicit sexual activity.

Stating that they had raided Dream Relax Guesthouse in response to intelligence reports, police announced that they had caught the two persons while they were engaged in sexual activity.

The persons arrested are a 20 year old woman and a 25 year old man. In addition to catching them in the act, police stated that they had also discovered “additional material used for illicit sexual purposes” from the guesthouse.

The arrest happened ar 21:37pm on Tuesday, and police revealed that the woman was in a state of undress when they raided the guesthouse.


One thought on “Two people arrested for engaging in illicit sexual acts”

  1. State of undress? That's not relevant according to the sharia: 4 male witnesses must see the penetration or they have to confess.


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