Two thirds of MDP membership vote in party’s single candidate elections

Two-thirds of the MDP’s 48,181-strong membership base turned out to vote in the party’s single-candidate internal elections, held over the weekend to determine its presidential candidate.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed ran unopposed in the party’s election of its presidential candidate, however the party’s regulations require any candidate to receive at least 10 percent of the party’s vote to secure the nomination.

Following the final count of the 258 ballot boxes, Nasheed recorded 31,798 votes in favour to 269 against his being the party’s presidential candidate.

Chairperson candidate Moosa ‘Reeko’ Manik had 29,044 votes in favour to 2160 against, while Deputy Chairperson candidate Ali Shiyam had 563 in favour to 7 against.

The MDP has maintained calls for early elections following its ousting from power on February 7, with Nasheed resigning during a police and military mutiny under what he subsequently claimed was duress. The party has held regular demonstrations since that time calling for early elections.


2 thoughts on “Two thirds of MDP membership vote in party’s single candidate elections”

  1. If this is true, this is a good show by MDP as well as Mohamed Nasheed.

  2. The MDP members have shown to the rest of the country that they are engaged in the political process and standing by the leader we elected in 2008 to be president .

    If ever the MDP needed an endorsement of their acievements as a political party, it has been delivered by our party members.

    The MDP vision is fikr, the path of democracy and human rights.

    It is time the intellectual elite of the Maldives threw their weight behind President Nasheed. Its all very well to criticise him for this and that, but where are the takers for his position? We don't have the guts to stand for office , but we have the time to whine about the leaders who do. Does this mean do I endorse everything President did or does? No. There are many things I did not like about Nasheeds administration and style of leadership. But he was and is the only leader who was prepared to stick his neck out for us.

    We should not throw out the baby with the bath water? We should seek to transform, to infuence, to help people hear and see when they cannot. That is what leadership is about.

    To influence change one has to be part of the machinery . Get off your fences, guys, join the revolution that is going on in our country. Take a stand.


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