CNI’s new co-chair revealed to be retired Singaporean judge G.P. Selvam

The President’s Office has revealed the name of the retired Singaporean judge who will join the reformed Commission of National Inquiry (CNI), which has today been reconstituted by presidential decree.

The name of the judge who will co-chair the commission with Ismail Shafeeu was revealed to be Govinda Pannir Selvam.

GP Selvam is a former Supreme Court Judge who served in the Singapore Supreme Court between 1994 and 2001.

According to the Singapore Court of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA), where Selvam has served as a panel member, the judge graduated from the University of Singapore in 1968 and will celebrate his 76th birthday in July. Selvam arrived in Male’ this morning.

Local media today revealed that the judge had arrived, without mentioning his name, whilst the President’s Office did not reveal the judge’s identity until this afternoon, saying that there was to be an official ceremony this evening.

The name of the judge was finally revealed on the President’s Office website at around 6:30pm.

President’s Spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza said that the commission was now “definitely” ready to begin work on Thursday and would comprise the previous members of the commission – Ismail Shafeeu, Dr Ibrahim Yasir, and Dr Ali Fawaz Shareef – as well as the Nasheed nominee Ahmed ‘Gahaa’ Saeed and, finally, G.P. Selvam.

Abbas also stated that there were to be two resource persons added to the commission to support its activities, including a retired Indian judge. Abbas said that anybody who wished could come and observe the commission’s work, just as with the previous manifestation of the CNI.

The President’s Office also stated that representatives from the United Nations and the Commonwealth will advise the CNI’s work.

Former President Nasheed yesterday alleged that the government was intentionally delaying the revision of the CNI and deceiving the international community.

The initial deadline for the reform was mid-May. After agreements were reached with the Commonwealth, a deadline of June 1 was given to approve former President Mohamed Nasheed’s nomination to the commission.

The MDP and the government, however, were unable to agree on  suitable candidate until June 4 after the MDP’s first 11 suggestions.

Abbas was today reported in local media as saying that Nasheed’s comments were merely intended to deflect criticism from the MDP’s internal elections, which Abbas claimed had “no spirit of democracy” after Nasheed won the MDP’s presidential nomination unopposed.

MDP spokesman Imthiyaz Fahmy today also questioned the reasons for the delay in signing the resolution agreed with the Commonwealth.

“The government is deliberately delaying the process of forming the new inquiry commission as much as they can,” he said.

The reforms have been instigated largely at the behest of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG), which is scheduled to hold a teleconference this Wednesday.


20 thoughts on “CNI’s new co-chair revealed to be retired Singaporean judge G.P. Selvam”

  1. just google gp selvam singapore ... barring a advocate for 2 years because writing a letter to the AG, plagiarism too ... wow


  3. Of all the judges in the world, is this the best that Dr Waheed could do? This man?

    is this not a slap on the face of all Maldivians calling for justice?

    This man has clearly been recommended by Gayoom. The billions of dollars that were stolen from the Maldives by the Gayoom brothers, Maumoon and Yaameen, were invested in the Singapore Stck Exchange and in Malaysia. Gayoom has protection from the authorities in Malaysia and Singapore with his investment in their economy. Singapore is going to benefit from Gayoom back in power to rob us of more billions that can be invested in the economy of Singapore.

    The oil scam wil never be proven in court because the Singapore and Malaysian government will not cooperate in making the transactions transparent to us given the impact it will have on their stock exchange .

    Unless we the people take direct action we will never be free of these vampires bleeding us dry.

    This Judge has had a history of protecting the top brass of Singapore power base and acting against those who stand for human rights in Singapore.

    Does Dr Waheed think we are this stupid?

  4. Google "Judge G.P. Selvam" and you get page after page of negative stories about a disgraced judge. No doubt the coalition coup regime selected him for a reason!!

  5. I was under the impression that Judge Selvam was recommended by the Commonwealth.

  6. this is typical traitor Anni 's propaganda. No country other than who blindly agrees with the traitor will be considered by these yellow color thugs as immoral and unethical and thieves.

    Traitor and his gangs need to realize that Singapore is among the least corrupted country in the world.

    Traitor and his gangs had robbed this country in last three years and it was 100 more than what Gayyoom was to grab in 30 years and this is the fact.

    These yellow party will never be able to digest the outcome anything other than in favor of Traitor Anni.
    Traitor himself is a the worst racist I have ever seen in my life and it is getting spilled over to yellow members also

  7. Blame the Commonwealth if Judge Selvam is unsuitable. Commonwealth could have chosen anyone.

    Corruption Index Singapore 9.2 India 3.1 Japan 8. Singapore is in league with Scandivian countries as far as corruption is concerned, so the judge should be good.

  8. are clearly ignorant on the corruption front. Yes Singapore is a beautiful country, very developed. Have you ever spoken to a Singaporean about what they think of their government. Its the best example of a very good dictatorship. I meant very good as the government provides for its people well..Maumoon wanted to make maldives a Singapore, but he could not spend that much money on the people because he was too F-ing greedy.
    Yes singapore's govt is very corrupt

  9. This guy looks like another crook who has connections with Wahiddin's that so called Ombudson from Singapore!!

  10. it will be stupid and waste of money to hold an early election... MDP will not accept the results (unless they win the election)...

    This singaporean ex-judge has not yet started work here - but MDP has already discredited him on the social media..


  12. Singapore ge GOLHABOAGE Abdulla GAAZEE

  13. from a friend, Singaporean law student NUS.

    Dunno enough about Selvam's politics (although most to all Singaporean judges are pretty deferential to the executive/legislature) though his non-political cases have generally been fine.

    Gopalan Nair (bolgger of singapore dissent) on the other hand, has very little credibility in Singapore cos he's generally viewed as a loon who resorts to exaggerations and lies and is hopelessly disconnected with Singaporean politics. He once tried to spread rumours that LKY is dead for kicks for instance. Generally I take what he says with a pinch of salt, although this entry seems more cogent than the usual crap he posts.

  14. The work of the Commission of National Inquiry is of no import for or impact on the Maldivian people.

    The highly polarized political camps and their supporters will go on believing what their leaders tell them regardless of who does what.

    However the report of the Commission will serve to ease the fears and concerns of the international community as well as bankers and financial institutions abroad.

    Political parties and their small support base in this country are hell bent on upping the ante in the run up to the Presidential elections. The sad thing is, most Maldivians remain distanced from political activities and are unfairly suffering from the deplorable conduct of parties in this country.

  15. Hi guys, its frustrates me a lot when so called people who are educated enough just throws remarks here without any conscious on what the Gayoom has done for the 30 years they were in power, no one seems to know anything about the day when his Brother'law suddenly left the country on a small plane looting the whole treasury.

    Please be a bit of decency when you open your mouths. Anni hasn't looted the place the way Gayoom and his merry men has scavenged our economy. Look at that ass h^*e Buruma, who is after presidency. he ruined the maldivian economy when he was offered the Finance ministers position. Trust me we will be far better off with Anni than the propaganda machines of Maumoon, Waheehdeen, Hassan Saeed and the corrupted cops that was rewarded heavily. Now that so called Judge who was bribed before he got here is already laughing with the millions he was handed out 🙂

    I pray; Let there be Maldivians who value the beautiful unique country. Thanks

  16. hi guys,once i read all these comment i realized something very important to high lighted on amaldivean, totally true no body talk about that every body's talking about anni he never looted country!!!30 years dictator might think still we are crazy maldiveans not agree small kafu,Agree big kaafu,this is how they want it,but now whole world is change sadly to say some of the maldiveans are very unaware of social media they listening from others mouth the reason still these people mind are still maumoon is the best!!!


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