UK electoral system “not corrupted, but certainly corruptible”, say observers

A team of Commonwealth Election Observers have released a report claiming that the UK electoral system is corruptible “and open to fraud.”

While believing the recent UK election was undertaken in a free and fair manner, this was a success based on “trust” rather than “controls and deterrents.”

The observers suggested improving the identification of voters at registration and polling stations, better verification of postal ballots to close certain loopholes, centralisation of electoral roll records to prevent multiple registrations in more than one constituency, and more staff at polling stations to ensure people can vote in a timely manner.

This last issue caused widespread condemnation following the day of the election, with thousands of voters queuing outside venues turned away when the ballot boxes closed at 10pm. Many people in London reported waiting in lines for several hours, with many office workers struggling to vote in time.


2 thoughts on “UK electoral system “not corrupted, but certainly corruptible”, say observers”

  1. Oh come on accept it, its corrupt every one knows it. Look at last week international media headline , to get excess to UK trade ambassador Prince Andrew is also on sale for 50K pounds, by his ex wife Sarah Ferguson. Who knows what else these people cannot sell. I have doubt about Andrew and President Nasheed's deals too, because recently he was in Maldives too.

  2. With such a small population we know we had electoral problems. The last general election of the as news reports suggests was inefficient and possibly corrupt, as i have read large numbers of registered voters who were queuing, was suddenly told there was no ballot paper and were sent back.


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