US Ambassador meets former President Gayoom

The United States Ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Maldives Michele J Sison met with former President and current Progressive Party of Maldives leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom on Thursday (February 21).

“[We] had a good exchange of views on domestic and bilateral issues,” Gayoom stated on Twitter.

Their discussion included strengthening ties between the US and Maldives, as well as an “exchange of views” on the current political situation in the Maldives, said the statement released by Gayoom’s office as reported by local media.


4 thoughts on “US Ambassador meets former President Gayoom”

  1. Even this old man is better than the dictator Nasheed.

    Nasheed is trying to sell our sovereign state to India for few millions of dollars that he think that he might get but gayoom is trying to keep the country for himself rather than allowing the foreign invasion.

    These two are two evils but the lesser devil is gayyom

  2. @kuribee on Fri, 22nd Feb 2013 8:53 AM

    You could not be further from right.
    True Anni has let down a lot of young people. But giving MAG the reigns is not the right thing to do now.

    Anni needs to clean up his circle of power, before he can achieve his vision. A secular, democratic country aligned to the new generation. Free from corruption, free from oligarchs, ruled by educated cabinet, qualified judiciary, and above all, the elected parliament free of stupid lour mouths.

  3. Anni has the energy and charisma to inspire the people of this nation and take maldives to new heights.

    We saw glimpses of his abilities during his reign but he fell short on account of his mishandling in the personnel department.

    He can bring the change we all desire. But he needs to change himself first.

  4. i doubt that Nasheed will be able to do. Since he is surrounded with the some of the most corrupted people , there is no way he can clean up the mess.

    Look at the people who had not paying taxes in big time are the best buddies and close family members ?

    He has no clean his own backyard before he is able to open his mouth.


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