US$150,000 allocated by UNDP for community based projects in 2010

US$150,000 has been allocated by the UNDP for community based projects in 2010 delivering biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation, protection of international waters, prevention of land degradation and elimination of persistent organic pollutants. The amount will increase to US$200,000 in 2011.

The programme will help more vulnerable areas and communities to overcome local environmental problems, says UNDP Resident Representative Andrew Cox.

Community based organisations, NGOs, small businesses, youth groups and academic and scientific groups are invited to make proposals, which must be in line with the Country Programme Strategy developed for Maldives.

Despite a maximum of US$50,000 being allocated for projects for up to 24 months, most applications are expected to be for lower amounts. Planning grants of up to US$2,000 may be issued to enable people and groups to develop proposals that serve as precursors for full scale projects.